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for Operation Baby-sit Two

9/24 c3 Guest
Why's Numbuh 363's a jerk?
2/26/2019 c3 15dancingdeaky
Real funny ending! I can imagine Fanny actually doing that XD Some critical news: there's still a couple of grammar errors in which I understand. You keep placing periods "." in between sentences, and it makes it confusing. I'm unsure whether or not you're actually implying to a comma "," instead, but it's quite a confusing mistake. This was a great story overall though, can't wait to see more of your work! Oh, and hopefully I didn't sound too mean with my criticism, just hoping for you to improve in the future :)
- Princess Consuela Banana Hammock or Numbuh 510
2/7/2019 c2 dancingdeaky
Great so far! What a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the rest
2/7/2019 c1 dancingdeaky
Love it so far! Not to be rude, but there were a bit of grammar and punctuation errors. It's entirely your opinion if you want to fix them. Can't wait for the rest!

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