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for The Gamer Hero, Deku

11/26 c1 4DBSCrossoverBoy2020
This doesn't feel like deku
11/25 c7 IbnAurum
I'm glad that you took inspiration from TGWP! It was my most favorite gamer fic for some time, and its systems were well thought out, in that I felt that they were simultaneously planned out and surprisingly dynamic.
I don't have too many complaints, well, maybe the Gamer system was revealed to other people too fast a bit for my liking, but I'm counting on you to write out how the implications organically happen.
11/11 c29 borgboy0
love the story! hope its not dead lol
11/6 c29 1Souran-kaichou
All Might going all Phasmophobia on the past users made my day. Thank you for bringing something good to an otherwise completely trashy day.
11/5 c29 Reptil
This is awesome keep up the good work
11/5 c1 ma3815di0414
it's really good
11/3 c28 1AspiringWriterInWayOverHisHead
I mean, if the gamer ability can't even tell that his real name should be tenko shimura then the observe is functionally fucking useless innit?
11/3 c27 AspiringWriterInWayOverHisHead
You know the hand-job guy, shigaraki tomura isn't his actual name right? He's actually the grandson of the second to last OfA wielder, Nana Shimura, and not the son of AfO like you're saying here.
10/30 c9 GalaxyLover
why is it that I find Bakugo funny when he says fuckery
10/29 c29 6pedrofaria339
Okay, Hikiishi, love the guy, literal MVP of the chapter.
10/27 c29 InfinityMask
Hoo, I wonder what magic grantorino developing.
Can Izuku heal iida brother or did he need more grinding? Haha.
10/27 c29 happydeath3
"she was way more useful than Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit"
Is this a Half Life VR but the A.I. is self aware reference?
10/27 c29 HSPrinceOfSpace
You're being sneaky with references I see B)
10/27 c29 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and glad All might to have a reunion with Nana :)
10/27 c3 megakdre100
The one thing I hate is how people act like bakugo bully izuku out of hearted that is so stupid to me ya suicide baiting someone is real helpful to them. What would had make this better is if izuku doesn’t work with bakugo no more
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