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for Naruto the Prince of Mushrooms

8h c15 1Murderleo38
cuando actualizas?
9h c3 Murderleo38
jajajaja, bowma'm puede rugir todo lo que quiera pero quien esta acargo es el docil naruto :v
5/20 c15 Guest
para cuando el si gente cap. 16
4/20 c15 angels sabbath
That was a really good chapter can't wait for the races to start soon I bet that will be kind of interesting to see
4/5 c15 MasterGM
3/24 c15 1Killjoy3000
can't wait for more
3/17 c15 REANDEER-44
Please don't abandon the story
3/8 c15 cdflamingspider
Please continue the story
3/8 c15 Han1s1996
Awesome, more please!
2/25 c15 Guest
para cuando el Cap. 16 quiero ver pasara
2/9 c15 Yu Faust
This is shaping up to be one of my favorites from you. Its always nice to step away from fanfics that insert a character into an already somewhat predestined path since fanfics naturally still tend to follow storylines that already existed, and oc stories are rarely done well. For a Mario setting though its pretty open-ended and you've done an amazing job setting a fun little slice of life fanfiction into motion. I look forward to seeing how it develops, bowsette and jr are adorable with Naruto.
1/20 c15 hiraishin101
Fair, fair. I'm rooting for... Well crap, I dunno who I'm rooting for here. Bowsette is rough and uneducated but very genuine and passionate, Queen Boo is also quite genuine in her attachment to probably the only living being that can properly interact with her..

Well, I guess I'll just have to hang and and enjoy the story.

I do enjoy how Jr. is portrayed as well
12/31/2020 c15 Mr.Necros
I need more of this master piece of a fanfic cause its a great plot and it wasn't abandoned on the first or second chapter so please make more
12/23/2020 c15 1Animortal28
I'm waiting for the chapter where the prince shows his mommy and aunts he may be aprince in title but he's truly a dominating king and even they'll submit to his...stamina and lust.
12/18/2020 c15 Angelo47
Love this story, glad to see it return
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