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4/9/2019 c12 R. Sterling White
Good chapter. Like a little police work added in. Like senior's matchmaking.
4/8/2019 c12 155NancyMay
Looks like Lucien has inherited a character trait from his father, that of interfering. Great chapter.
4/8/2019 c12 25FadedPromise
Nicely done. Thomas as matchmaker.

I find it difficult to get a handle on Doug Ashby because of the show writers’ inconsistency with the character. It’s as though they wanted to make him a villain at first, then changed their minds. You handle him quite well here. Thank you for sharing.
4/8/2019 c11 FadedPromise
It’s too bad we don’t know more about Thomas from canon. Did he summon Lucien to come home in part because he wanted Lucien and Jean to meet? Anyway. Excellent chapter. I like how you write Cristopher. Thank you for sharing.
4/7/2019 c11 R. Sterling White
Good chapter! Proud of Chris...can see him considering a career as a copper. Great dialogs father and son, Lucien and Jean and getting inside their thoughts. This is part of what makes fanfic so fun.
4/7/2019 c11 PerfectSublimeRebel
Well done, Christopher! Would love Thomas to be able to witness Lucien and Jean getting married... Please?
4/7/2019 c11 Guest
I love the conversation Thomas jnitiates prodding his son to include Jean n his life to share his burden. And I especially love the conversation between Jean and Lucien when she admits her guilt to him. The bond between them deepens. Looking forward to more of this conversation:)
4/7/2019 c11 155NancyMay
Love Thomas telling Lucien to marry Jean, but then he held her in quite high regard, even in this story.
4/1/2019 c10 PerfectSublimeRebel
This chapter is so much fun! Lucien being, well, just Lucien, and now drawing young Christopher into it. Love that shout out to A Night to Remember. But I especially love that Jean went to Lucien when the nightmares assailed Him, and stayed holding him till dawn. Nice touch to their growing relationship.
3/31/2019 c10 25FadedPromise
Poor Lucien. At least he has Jean to comfort him. I love seeing Matthew trying to adapt to working with Lucien. Good job. Thank you for sharing.
3/28/2019 c9 R. Sterling White
First of many times she's going to help him sole the mystery, Im sure. Really am enjoying your writing.
3/28/2019 c9 PerfectSublimeRebel
I absolutely enjoyed how you've captured the two of them and their interactions in their early days. This was so much fun!
3/28/2019 c9 FadedPromise
Oh, this is so very Lucien. And Jean. You’ve captured them very well here. Thank you for sharing.
3/27/2019 c8 DaliMaldo
great storyline, I look forward to reading the next chapter. Thank you for writing and sharing.
3/26/2019 c8 155NancyMay
Here comes the Lucien we all know and love.
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