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2/22/2019 c1 thetucc
Love this! I’m glad Thomas has a chance to right his wrongs and try and repair his relationship with Lucien.
2/21/2019 c3 38seven dragons
I love Jean addressing them as “Doctors.”
2/21/2019 c3 DaliMaldo
What a great story...I've enjoyed reading each chapter. Thank you.
2/21/2019 c3 25FadedPromise
Now it feels like the early days of canon: Jean reserved and rather brittle, Lucien broken and seeking solace in scotch. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.
2/10/2019 c2 DaliMaldo
Enjoying this storyline very much. thank you.
2/10/2019 c2 coachsone
Is it possible that we have love at first sight?
2/10/2019 c2 FadedPromise
Good to see both Thomas and Lucien making the effort to repair past hurts. Given Lucien’s understandable bitterness, I expect there might still be some bumps along the way though. It’s a good thing Jean will be there to keep them on track. Thank you for sharing another good chapter.
2/7/2019 c1 155NancyMay
Love this idea, look forward to more.
2/7/2019 c1 coachsone
Second chances are what you make them. Lucien and his father are two of a kind. Hopefully they will take this opportunity and make the most of it. Looking forward to more soon.
2/7/2019 c1 Julieellen
Lovely story. Look forward to more.
2/6/2019 c1 25FadedPromise
Twenty-odd years later but Lucien finally got that hug he wanted. A very good start. I look forward to more.
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