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for The Fire Lord's Honor

8/6 c69 Glitchy404
Disclaimer I don’t remember by login but I’m pretty sure that’s my username.

Alright, holy absolutely everything that is good. I’d like to let you know that I have been obsessing over reading this story endlessly once I found it. I offer the absolute highest praise for the storyline, your writing abilities, the characters and their developments, everything. This was a fantastic ride from start to finish and I can only hope you follow up with an additional epilogue with Kya and Sozin a few years older, I’d love to see your take on their personalities. Thank you for the great read!
8/4 c69 26Excited-Insomniac
That last line gets me every time, guh T_T Beautifully, beautifully done here, I think it hits just the right poignant note between mourning the war and looking to the future with hope. I'm super pumped for the five-years-down-the-line bit!

(and thank you for the sweet shoutout up top, I'm so glad we made friends through this fic )
7/25 c68 yukilicous
Can’t wait for the next chapter
7/25 c68 RHC2020
Never thought I would get an epilogue lol
7/24 c68 3DeannaBear
OH. Oh. oh. Sokka x Azula for the WIN! They are SO cute, and I thank you for being one of few authors on this site that give Azula a *completed* full happy ending! It was beautiful, and I'm sad to see yet another great fanfiction ending! Hopefully though I get to see any new work, which I get to hopefully support in the future? Anyway, I just now need some Zutata, and I'd be good. Great work, and keep it up. xoxo
7/24 c68 8CeCeHigganbotham
Welcome back! Thank you...LOL! I needed that fix.
7/24 c68 26Excited-Insomniac
I love, love, love this! I love that she initiates the kiss at the end, and I am BEYOND excited to see what comes next! I'm thrilled you've come back to this so strongly! Keep up the great work! 3
7/20 c67 RHC2020
7/15 c67 6AlgoLindo
Espero ansiosa el final de esta historia maravillosa, me hubiera gustado mas ver a Thop con Soka pero igual creo que toda la historia fue fantástica. Simplemente magistral.
7/12 c67 yukilicous
This story is great and I honestly cannot wait to see how it ends ️
6/16 c32 25The Jingo
I would have gone with Korra tbh
2/3 c67 KlenaBelikova46
I really love this story and I cant wait for you to update some more
1/26 c67 ataecina
I binged and this is the best zutara read I have read since I started reading zutara fics.
1/26 c17 ataecina
Their destiny in this story is so interesting. She's the one who released the avatar from the iceberg from 100 years and got him involved in this war while he's the one who chased the avatar for his honor and made Aang realize he needed to face his responsibilities.
1/26 c13 ataecina
Omg I am so much in love with this story and was waiting for this moment to happen and it's wonderful :)
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