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13h c44 Fregreg
Nice story so far and here is an idea for it: team RWBY has to find the league slayer cause he has one of each of the legendary pokemon tied to space and time so only he can send them back home. You could have it end off with Blake and Weiss competing against him in a showcase, Ruby Weis and yang trying to beat him in a Pokemon contestant finish it off in a team RWBY vs the league slaye battle.
5/9 c44 1keybladelight
So team rwby are in a city call Kanto city that good I hope that some OG characters of the Pokémon games series will appear again in a cameo like the idol lisia or super beauty model elesa can appear and maybe lisia has a huge love crush on Franklin and elesa has respect on him has a pokemon trainer but lisia could be the other girl that has a love crush on Franklin to make both yang and ruby be super jealous that they have a rival and she his a pop star idol pokemon contest which yang and ruby need to compete with.
4/10 c43 keybladelight
Ok now I'm worried after what I saw in vol 8 ending with ironwood your making something that he will regret later which I found that ozpin will not like it.

And now raven will go investigate to try to raid the emerald forest and try to go the Pokémon world well Good luck for her because there his a Pokémon God wait at the door step and I hope Arceus see raven and cinder and her cronies and salem unworthy to enter the Pokémon world so his James and ozpin.

Happy that both ruby and weiss love pikachu which make me hope more for ruby catch her own pikachu don't care if it's make or female I want ruby rose catch her pikachu and for weiss get a Pokémon egg that has togepi so that I really want weiss get a heart attack for cuteness togepi which team rwby and their Pokémon panicking and ruby told her pikachu use thunderbolt to weiss to bring her back to life in a funny way.

Hope you respond in PM.
3/16 c42 keybladelight
I hope you make red make his pikachu to battle so that ruby want to catch one.
2/19 c41 Guest
Can we have the Pokemon kill cinder when she steps 4th in the Pokemon world and they can sense her evilness and want her dead because the Pokemon would hate her on the spot and tell team RWBY that thier evil and team RWBY gives Salem a message if she steps 4th in the Pokemon world she would die and arceus would kill Salem because the Pokemonworld is domian not cinders or Salems they are not welcome to the Pokemon world.
2/18 c41 keybladelight
Oh yeah baby Red enter the gym battle I hope that thosethat are in Remnant watch the gym battle of blake and yang ve adrian but most of all the epic battle red vs adrian i hope you make the reactions on remnant be shocked when they see a real pokemon battle.

This his gonna be epic to read.
2/18 c41 5Felipe1402XZA
omg is red, this have to be a awesome battle!
2/1 c3 Mac n' Cheese
Kinda sad that there isn't any gen 5 pokemon at the start...But its ok! You do you!
1/23 c40 1keybladelight
Since rusty won his second gym badge and that team rwby are in the beach can you make them wear swimsuit bikini for the fan services for the readers and for the viewers that are watching team rwby on remnant and if Franklin appear ruby and yang can try to flirt to him that taiyang and qrow get angry seeing their daughter/nieces with a guy.

Can wait to see yang gym battle with the gym leader alolan/galarian.

You know I remember the first pokemon series of goodbye butterfree I remembered has a kid i cry im that scene and I was wandering that with ruby pokemon when they are in I don't know mating season and they need let their pokemon go to meet their mating partners I was thinking that Franklin could also be there to see the trainer said farewell and I was thinking that you can made that scene with ruby saying goodbye to one of his pokemon like ash did in the first series and she cry because she saying farewell to the friend she trained but then she crying in joy to say to him a good farewell but then she hug Franklin and yang let it slide for this time on remnant they see ruby saying goodbye to his pokemon and their are crying mostly nora and taiyang crying because he his happy that her baby rose his growing up has a better person. Please can you made the pokemon first series goodbye butterfree but with one of ruby pokemon.

You know we didn't see raven reaction of yang be in the Pokémon world his there a chance that you might do it but knowing raven she will think that the Pokémon world are weakling but she will see the wrong that their are powerful pokemon and the legendary and mythical Pokémon does are the one's that raven want for her tribe. This my idea of how I see raven if she watch team rwby on the Pokémon world on her scroll.

Please respond.
1/12 c1 1Old style
Hello, I read the first chapter and I say that I am quite captivated already!
I also read the description and I understand. I quite like the idea of using fakemon, especially if you put the pokedex description for them!
I also understand the creative liberties that you will take (I also plan to do that when the time comes...) and I look foward to see what you come up with.
12/24/2020 c7 Amonkeywithatypewriter
Alright I'm actually getting mad at the fact that Franklin here kicked Red to the curb and mocked him, your just making this guy a male reader man, Red is the best trainer, also with the fact that most of his pokemon aren't even the best you can get, Sylveon is a alright fairy type but Clefable and Gardevoir are way better, Raichu is ok but Magneton and the electric bug from Alola is a far better choice, and Alolan Raticate only is usefull fighting ghost types, Crabominabel is worse than Bewear and Machamp and even Hariyama, there are a lot of Alolan pokemon that are a far better choice that would make sense, and even then Mewtwo can learn Fighting type moves along with many more.
12/3/2020 c1 NightmareKnight1
Okay, serious red flag with that author's note at the end there. Sounds a hell of a lot like "These people don't like what I do, so they're assholes" which is a terrible mindset to have as an author. Also sounds like bullying, just from the other side. If people don't like what they say, and they actually ARE just being assholes about it, they can just ignore them. But to outright block people before they even say anything? Smacks of blockbot bullshit (Especially since you called one of those dudes an actual fascist. Ironic considering blockbotting is what the actual fascists do, but I digress).

As for your story... eh. It's nothing special, and kind of bothers me in some respects. Why send RWBY in for a "super special secret mission" at all? Why would that stop them from sending staff to investigate? If, for some reason, it truly required staff members not be sent, why send a first year team to begin with and not a third year? To me, this is just a poor way of railroading RWBY into the main plot, and a generally terrible way to start a fanfic.

Also, in the main temple, the inclusion of all the items like big nuggets, pearls and so on just seems... unnecessary. I can probably guess that it's because RWBY doesn't have any currency to use in the Pokemon world, but it feels like such a copout that it just bothers me. Especially when you threw in "Ruby obtained 20 Big Nuggets" like that into the fic. It's almost as bad as typing out *sneeze* instead of just describing the action. Minor nitpick, but still bothered me.

As for the inclusion of fanmade Pokemon? Hard nope from me. This one I don't necessarily have a problem with on the same level as the other issues I mentioned, as it's a fanfiction and you're well within your right to include whatever you want into it. I just don't personally agree with it.

Also, a beta. You don't necessarily NEED one, but I might recommend one anyways. Not a huge deal, just some minor grammar nitpicks here and there. Most people would benefit from one, if only because the English language is... pretty dumb. Hell, I speak/read/write it fluently and I still agree it's dumb.

Overall? I might have been willing to give this story a shot despite what I felt were flaws with it, simply to see if you've improved since the first chapter. But with that author's note at the end? Nope. It just reeks of "I'm right and anybody who disagrees with me is a hater", and anything written by those types tend not to change much, if only because the authors in question refuse to see any sort of constructive criticism as anything besides trolling.

But if you've actually read this far without instantly labeling me as a hater simply because of the first paragraph? Then I will give you some kudos on not being that type.
11/11/2020 c3 2Benji the Monocat
I'm surprised she didn't pick Torchic
11/6/2020 c39 5Luffy L Deathwalker
The glitch is gone you can update now
11/6/2020 c39 6Mara the Wolf
Simply a glitch, dude. Seems the admins have fixed it (my RWBY/Sonic chapter is finally up, and The Mothzilla Blogs is correctly showing 30 chapters again)
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