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11/21 c35 Leann Nickerson
All 35 updates were GREAT! Loving this story! Especially Rowena and Castiel working together! Hoping Dean will be ok! Wonder what his reaction will be! Can't wait for the next installment! Thanks so much for your time and effort in writing this!
11/21 c35 132ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and funny how they got Michael to obey. NC
11/21 c35 33vrskaandrea
I just love imagining the look on Sam's and Mary's face as Rowena practically had a leash on Michael and was walking .one room to the other.
Loved the chapter.
11/21 c35 41Blondie 20000
Cuddly as a kitten! Ha ha. Omg I loved this so much. Rowena is so damm awesome. I love her so much in this story. I loved how she hypnotized him. Best friend Rowena :D. I can just picture Sam and Mary's reactions to the witch and the archangel having their stroll ;) I don't know what's funnier Michael's behaviour under Rowena's spell in general or the fact that's Michael is acting like this in Dean. Imagining Jensen doing this lol :D.

"Manners my dear manners." That's rich coming from the guy who does not have any manners lol.

Michael is really not liking the brother thing from Cas. *Shakes head* lol.

Hey Rowena pulled it off. That's my girl. :D So the transference is gonna happen. I wonder if Michael will remember his hypnotism when he wakes up? Most likely feel embarrassed by it lol.

I needed this update. Especially after the finale. Did you watch the finale? What do you think?
11/5 c34 132ncsupnatfan
Good chapter and you have Rowena down pat. This is going to be interesting to see if there are any after affects for Dean once Michael is gone. Putting Michael in a trance...should be a snap right? NC
11/5 c34 33vrskaandrea
omg, I just loved how Rowena and Mary interacted, Rowena being her casual, narcissistic self and Mary fuming it the back. I can totally image her pointing a threatening finger at Rowena saying if she screwed this up, she will wish she was burning in hell.
I loved the update, and God, how I missed this story. glad to see you back. ️
10/15 c33 3SeeleyDeanDinozzo
I love this story I hope you update again soon I can't wait to see how dean is when he is back
7/5 c33 132ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and can't wait for the transfer and to have dean back. NC
7/5 c33 25Secretwrittenword
This was a great Michael POV chapter. I can’t wait to see how he will react when he’s in his very own vessel.
7/4 c33 33vrskaandrea
I can't believe how he manages to be so smug and uptight about everything when we all know he has changed. It is funny how he tries and tries to keep this facade of a strict, "I am better then you" asshole when in fact he isn't that anymore.
He was surprised how quickly they were able to find a more then a suitable vessel, that I am sure. Because of the number of times incompetence was mentioned, I love that.
They did what no mere human should be able to do, find a perfect vessel for an archangel when even in their full power an archangel couldn't find.
Great work, truly! Can't wait for more.
7/4 c33 41Blondie 20000
Yay yay a Michael POV. I actually laughed at Sam in the beginning "Wakey. Wakey" LOL. I was surprised when Sam gave the cuffs to Michael to put on. I suppose what could Michael do? He is too weak to do anything. He can't exactly escape. They are doing this for him after all. They found him the vessel.

I love how everyone tired to assure Michael that the vessel thing was going to be ok. They thought Michael was frightened lol. I love Sam's idea that the new vessel is the Shield. Cas is right this is Michael's freedom. I'm surprised even Mary said something as well.

At least Michael approves. I really can't wait for the next chapter.
6/20 c32 Blondie 20000
I really do like your Mary. She knows she has failed her boys and she's seeing this as a second chance to be the mum the boys deserve. I love how eager she is to get back to the bunker to get her son back from Michael.

Sam and Cas are giving Michael another chance but Mary thinks he doesn't deserve one. I can understand why she is feeling like that she did fight against Michael in the other world, she was his prisoner. Mary would be the hardest to convince regarding that Michael has possibly changed. We had a Sam and Michael moment. We had a Cas and Michael moment. Rowena and Michael moment. Maybe it would be good to see a Mary and Michael moment.

Woo hoo an all star cast :D Michael meeting the new vessel. Better get the ranking papers ;) Rating for hair, rating for eyes, rating for the body. Lol. Lol. We know Michael has high expectations when it comes to vessels. Then we don't want to piss off Team Free Will they tried their hardest to get a vessel for Michael. I doubt Michael will thank them he will probably remain emotionless as ever lol.

I still have no idea what's gonna happen afterwards. Will Dean remain in a coma? Will the spell exhaust Michael? Will once Michael has his new vessel will he leave straight away? Will he stay until Dean wakes up? Michael is the reason Dean is in a coma in the first place. So maybe Michael feels he should stay and maybe help Cas with the healing. When Dean wakes up then Michael will probably try to leave knowing Dean wouldn't want to see him.

Or maybe Dean will wake straight away after Michael moving vessel I just know Dean will be pissed to see Michael out of the Room.

We still got a possible movie night ;)

Can't wait for more. I'm really excited for the next one.
6/20 c32 132ncsupnatfan
Nice chapter and you did a good job expressing Mary's feelings. Almost there... NC
6/20 c32 25Secretwrittenword
Second beginnings all around and at least this story has a Mary who actually acknowledges her faults and wants a second chance with her boys.
6/20 c32 33vrskaandrea
Mary is so awesome! The way you write her... Even makes me like her ( are writing her in a way that makes me want to punch her)
Actually, I really like your Mary, she is just as she always was supposed to be. A lioness when it comes to her boys. Protective and damn right scary. Just like you said 'their mom beat yours and save the world before bedtime.' - perfect line.
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