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for Monster Girl Quest: Lose and Get Lost!

1/9/2020 c4 Deawa
Brilliant. I loved the banter between Ilias and Alice in particular, it's always hilarious seeing two bitter enemies interact in ways like that.
11/6/2019 c4 Gaming Iguana
11/7/2019 c4 ArcMagna23
A little disappointing that the chapter was so short but good work as always.
11/4/2019 c3 AlexanderGate
Short, but interesting. I'm glad there are still people who write about this small fandom!

Are you taking requests? If so, can you please write something about Luka and Heinrich? I feel that Paradox does not explore their interactions.
10/23/2019 c2 joanllinasbas
Dbz abridged mg shitton of laughter
Great story!
10/20/2019 c2 ArcMagna23
Awesome! Can you write the battle against ParadoxNanabi or the Kraken?
9/16/2019 c1 Guest
That whole fight was a giant dbz abridged reference and I fucking love it.
2/15/2019 c1 4Fish on Land
Well, Alice... that's some pretty impeccable logic.

As usual, the references to the weirder parts of Paradox are hilarious.

Now you have me imagining the spirits as Personas.
2/12/2019 c1 GuestX
really nice start I'm excited to see where you take this
2/13/2019 c1 6OuroboroS9
Glad to know that you take my suggestion, keep up the good work.
2/11/2019 c1 31NeoScriptGenius12
Badass Salamander is always something the world needs more of.
2/11/2019 c1 ArcMagna23
This is perhaps the best Monster Girl Quest fanfic I've read on this site, congratulations for the good work.
2/10/2019 c1 5ShadowKingLegette
Funny and entertaining.
2/10/2019 c1 Crimson-Sorcerer
Now, this is what I call high quality content. Nice combination of comedy and action.

Sylph is bestgirl.

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