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12/20/2020 c9 sicefield
Always love a good Master and Bella story... Poor confused M
Jasper... And what's up with Edward metiche... Again.

Thanx for your time and effort
12/20/2020 c9 christopher03
this was wonderful i adore this story cant wait till the next update
12/20/2020 c9 7rmiser1994
lovely chapter! .
12/20/2020 c9 0oKitteno0
Love the plot/story. How many chapters do you think you're going to do till you finish
12/20/2020 c9 1tinac
Wow I thought they Jasper and bbn Bella would talk more to eachother. And Rose I always want to smack her. I hope Bella has a backbone. And Edward what a selfish jerk as Rose.
12/20/2020 c9 Jordansdevil
This is still one of my all time favorite fics, thanks for the update!
12/20/2020 c9 1clover cat Klee
uuuuuhhhhh, hard questions, I hadn't even thought about how hard thi would be for both of them :/
12/19/2020 c9 Tommy14
I'm glad that Bella and Jasper had some time to themselves to talk. Thanks for the update.
10/21/2020 c8 11CarebearKara
This is such a good story.
9/28/2020 c8 1KITSUNE TAKAHARI
Me encanta la historia. Muy hermosa
9/2/2020 c8 26Lil Lost Lady
There's definitely a lot for them to talk about and I can't wait to read it! :)
6/23/2020 c7 Jcassie
woah too many Bella's
6/19/2020 c8 11Sliver of Melody
Obsessed with Jasper/Bella and this idea in particular. I wasn’t sure how it would play out but I’m certainly loving it so far!
6/15/2020 c8 LitliTigrisdyr
Oh I love it! Please continue writing soon, I can't wait for the next chapter! Jasper and Bella are so sweet with each other and I really like how you wrote their past life!
P.s. sorry for the poor english
5/31/2020 c8 9USNeshama
Love this story! Thanks for the update. Hope she meets Carlisle (and they remember each other soon)
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