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3/1/2019 c4 Austin Michael
when is Chapter 5 which is where Bruce Wayne introduce Selina Kyle to Dick Grayson?
2/16/2019 c4 AUSTINROX5
love this story so far

in Chapter 5 can you have Bruce Wayne introduce Dick Grayson to Selina Kyle?
2/16/2019 c3 Daniel6
So. Bruce is to be the father. And Selina is to be the mother, I take it?
2/13/2019 c1 AUSTINROX5
i put my opinion of chapter 2 on this one too i'm liking this fanfiction i really wish it was set for a Gotham sequel
2/13/2019 c3 AUSTINROX5
in chapter 4 Selina Kyle meets Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne talks to Selina Kyle about adopting Dick Grayson
2/12/2019 c2 AUSTINROX5
in Chapter 3 Selina Kyle sees Bruce Wayne but Bruce Wayne didn't have time for Selina Kyle when Bruce Wayne wants to keep Dick Grayson a secret but it leads to an arguement between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle as Dick Grayson over hears it and Alfred Pennyworth takes Dick Grayson into TV room

i like this Good plot for a Gotham sequel i like this and chapter 1


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