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2/14/2019 c1 agent222
Obviously, from the way Morgan's kidnapped got her Mother's letter, and, the note Bishop found addressed to her, Ziva David is not dead. How she escaped the explosion of the farmhouse, is something the writers will have to explain-if the Ziva David character comes back and continues to have even an behind the scenes presence. We presume that since Ziva is alive, she's reunited with Tali, and, Tony. More than that is what we hope has happened.
Maybe we'll find out. I believe that I've read that both Cote and Michael are willing to return to NCIS for "guest appearances." Not sure if the current producers are willing , though
2/13/2019 c1 40midnightjen
This is sweet!
2/13/2019 c1 Guest
2/13/2019 c1 17DS2010
wow cool I love that Tony and Ziva are together and they have a son.
2/13/2019 c1 Debbie
Love it.
2/12/2019 c1 Diana
Nice. Thanks for posting
2/12/2019 c1 13Sitting Ducki
I've always thought she was alive for many reasons :) and I'm glad that she was confirmed alive today :)
2/12/2019 c1 25NCIS Obsession
I don't even know what to say in a review cause I'm emotionally exhausted from freaking out all over Tumblr, so I'll just say this. I loved the fic and it would be awesome if you continue! Can't wait to write more stories of my own with this new information.
2/12/2019 c1 mbj
So happy to see this story continuing on! You’re doing a great job with it. Will there be more?
2/12/2019 c1 Bohogal1998
I hope they can eventually let them know somehow!
2/12/2019 c1 Patti Lipscomb
Oh go ahead and tell them. It is time.
2/12/2019 c1 3DW.618
FanFiction is going to light up with new stories now. Congrats on being the first to explore this new storyline. I love that you didn't try to explain what was in the episode, but just continued with what we didn't see. I hadn't thought of Ziva flying back home after leaving the note. And I hadn't thought of the fact that the baby's noise would give away the secret when Tony talked to Tim on the phone. Are you going to continue this or wait for future episodes to reveal more (hopefully!)?
2/12/2019 c1 185misspatchesmom
2/12/2019 c1 50bookdiva
I just... I cannot even process this episode. But thank you for sharing this lovely piece :)


P. S. I honestly haven’t decided if I think Tony knows or not... I swing back and forth.

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