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for Reincarnated As A Sith

5/26 c34 Wow
My Little Sith Can't Be This Cuck OwO
5/25 c8 TurtleMilker
'Don't Like Self Inserts Don't Read' Yeaaa...because the self insert is what people would find objectionable about this story. It's totally not that you're a disgusting little freak with a rape fetish.
5/23 c30 asingh123
Read so far...
Noticed 1 very irritating fact

The story cannot decide whether it is from an Actor POV or Spectator POV

The problems that come, feels like he made up for himself, so that he can Normalise himself in these worlds

I found Valyria arc great... After that it looks like he becomes more and more fake

For me character started flakey(fine)... Char development happened... He had a solid character now(sure there will be issues he have to get himself out of... But ok) ... Now back to being super flakey with whole Star Wars stuff

He starts 10 things... Leaves them in the middle to start 10 more things... Why?

This is a freakin OC with MC having great knowledge of the worlds... But you are putting so many threads out, it is a big tangled mess... let's cut this all ...
5/21 c59 Guest
Are* annoying. There, youve been proof read. Dude this is a fic site, layoff the grammar nazi shit
5/12 c46 bascospc
dude.. you seriously need a proofreader... the wrong grammar and words is really annoying...
5/12 c59 Guest
To below me. My guess is that he was rushing last time n based on his location via context clues, English might not be first language. That said his translations to English aren't bad.
5/12 c45 bascospc
this has so many, many spell errors... what's up with that?
5/9 c59 1Sinister-Slytherin
I genuinely rank this in my top FICS lists. Other than some grammar and misspelling, the plot and character are well written, your style is fluent and not stuttering or overly long as to bore. Events and pacing are well done. And quite an interesting mix of SW lore and the game of thrones. I do hope to one day see the full story, I'm going to bookmark this and come back after awhile to hopefully see more. Thanks
5/8 c59 Ahtu
What discord? And ye, feel you about the issues on the horizon... Only the very slow havn't caught onto the storm coming yet... Hope to see a new chapter soon. This is one of my top 3 SW fanfic stories for sure(should just say SW stories these days. Not like there's anything worthwhile official coming out). Stuff like this is how some of us get through the day, while knowing full well the mess that's coming.
5/8 c59 alarak929
I hope you get better soon
5/8 c59 Guest
Thanks for the update. It really does suck about events all over the world and its good youre still trucking bro.
Its your story and youre telling it well. Hope your main novel really takes off.
5/8 c59 anthonym3
U rock dude. I love the fantastic story and want you to know that we appreciate you!
5/8 c59 SurplusHook
Hope you feel better soon
5/8 c59 3RonaldM40196867
Good to know.
5/8 c59 Charlie1284
Keep up the great work thanks
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