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for Reincarnated As A Sith

5/24 c59 Guest
Why? Just let him die so the plot point ties off.
5/24 c48 noway
still no dragons :(
surely a missed opportunity
5/23 c21 noway
still no dragon :(
5/23 c15 Guest
Guy needs some dragons
5/23 c12 noway
2 dragon eggs and a Valyrian relic for 1,000 slaves seems... over priced
5/19 c1 LongSongSilver
LS Jaesa is a bit too Padawan in that she knows the rules but doesn't really understand what they truely mean, even so it's still better than blood hungry yandare DS Jaesa IMO, she's just a bit too far towards crazy sith to ever be truely successful.
5/16 c49 Gear master
I have noticed a distinct lack of illustrated sex
5/12 c1 ClutchShadow
Gonna reread again since I got bored. Let’s see if I missed anything lol
5/2 c63 1Lord Damon Darkfyre
Loved this story so far. Following and faving so i am notified if you continue. Please keep the awesomeness going, even if it takes you awhile to come back to it. My only gripe is grammer and the occasional spelling error. Seriously. That's it.
PS: stay safe, and stay healthy. May your urge to write return swiftly along with your mental health.
5/1 c1 Anon
"Don't Like Self Inserts Don't Read"
Also don't read if
you don't think that being part of the Dark Side means you have very little emotional control and act like a bipolar crybaby,
you don't like rapey vibes along the lines of extremely dubious consent, mind controlling, and slavery,
honestly thats all so far but Im coming to post here after just having read chapter 3, so I'm not that far in and already about to have to jump ship
4/28 c2 Guest
Sadly this fic suffers from the common issue that the characters can never be more intelligent than the author. I give up at chapter 2. It was a nice premise, but quickly devolved into a mess.
4/25 c4 Guest
4/25 c3 Guest
Author! weeb dick
4/25 c2 Guest
Ah the taste of ... shit?
4/25 c1 Guest
Why the pycho crap ?
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