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for Reincarnated As A Sith

4/28 c53 Reads too much
You my friend are playing a risky game with montross, I get the reasoning but still. That said at least you aren’t going full on stupid mode like the prince is and unknowingly playing along your merry little tune of with a few missteps along the way. Maybe something you can do is go to the quarrens, if the situation on Mon Cala is anything like in canon then you got some healthy soil to garden in. Though one thing I’m very curious about is how your force users hold up in comparison to the wider universe cause after all it doesn’t matter if you got a dozen level 1’s if your enemies got a ton of level 50’s.
4/30 c53 1Kulha
I'm glad that the legions are starting to form up, but will 20000 Astartes be enough for the entire galaxy?
4/30 c53 Monkeylikespie
If i may suggest that you go past the imperial star destroyers and go straight to the nebula class star destroyer which had fix all the problems with the imperial class
4/30 c53 dudepotatos
Feya IS right, you know? you can treat Lysa like she's more than an unwanted intruder and giving her, a little girl, the cold shoulder. You don't even have to fuck her just so you can tolerate her.

And while it isn't his job to meet the criteria of a child heiress's tales of knights in shining armour. Ignoring her presence until she sinks in depression doesn't put him on the moral high ground he often puts himself when comparing himself to the other "Primitives" of the realm.

Alas and unfortunately, it seems like MC's interaction with any women or females of any kind is very limited as he only pays half a mind to anyone he didn't have sex with or isn't romantically acquainted with. Feya being the only exception.
4/29 c53 Ahtu
I'd say the writing quality overall dropped by 20% or more. Do you need a new editor/beta reader? I'd do it, just to have cleaner chapters to read.
4/28 c53 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
4/28 c53 qwertypous
LMAO when i click the master wolf update this story the one that pop up. i was so confused when the mandalorian was mention.
4/28 c53 Gabe2000
For that black ops legion maybe the kouhun's fangs or sting.
4/28 c53 1KevinKohl04
Great Chapter as always mike. Also nice to see that you are not worrying about changing canon. Knowledge of future is well and good but butterflies bring are always nice
4/28 c53 Mordred247
Interesting chp
4/28 c53 ZhaWarudo
Nice that Lysa tried to move on, but Petyr was Petyr... Hopefully she will find someone else.
Slug throwers aren't they only anti Jedi weapons, there is also sonic and wide blast plasma ones.
Some fixes:
as deluded ever - deluded as ever
than - then
defiantly - definitely
4/28 c53 human dragon
An amazing chapter like always my friend great job :)
4/28 c53 3RonaldM40196867
The Mandos always mean business.

Do you believe destiny plays a role?
4/27 c52 Monkeylikespie
Now you are going to give the space marines bolters right? Because the republic will never see rpg assault rifles coming
4/24 c52 human dragon
This is an amazing story my friend great job :)
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