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3/25 c19 BeckieT108
Loved it! It was a constant rollercoaster of humor and surprises. Love that in such a few chapters you give us so much insightful information on each character. It was perfect.
3/25 c18 BeckieT108
Everyone seems to be getting their happily ever after.
3/25 c17 BeckieT108
Didn’t expect any of that. It was a great and hilarious surprise.
3/25 c16 BeckieT108
Too funny! I did not expect Victoria to make an appearance. She diffused the situation effortlessly. Sam needs to tell Bella the truth before they get intimate. It might backfire on him if he decides to wait.
3/25 c15 BeckieT108
Too bad the wedding was so rushed. It’s doesn’t seem a great way I start a life together. But at least Bella and Sam finally SEE each other.
3/24 c14 BeckieT108
This wedding has been fraught with mishaps. Perhaps it’s a bad omen and the wedding should not take place.
It seems that everyone is trying too hard to make Bella feel like a part of the family.
3/24 c13 BeckieT108
Everyone is telling her the same secret. Bella is so sweet. She keeps pretending she doesn’t know. I can’t believe Charlie is going to be the last one to finally decide to tell her the truth.
3/24 c12 BeckieT108

It seems the boys are not too happy with their imprints. Instead of it being a gift or blessing it seems imprinting has been more of a curse.

Sam to the rescue once again.
3/24 c11 BeckieT108
Once again we have others more concerned for Bella than her own father. No wonder she fell for Edward and his family, the poor thing was starving for attention.

Are all the La Push wolves pervs? Why did they have to fondle her?
3/24 c10 BeckieT108
I don’t like the fact that Charlie is still putting Billy and the rest of the La Push gang over his own daughter. Why does he even have to ask Billy’s permission to keep her in his life?

Finally people are standing up to Billy. *Standing ovation for Emily* Everyone has allowed Billy to yield his power with no restrictions or consequences.
3/24 c9 BeckieT108
Emily is enjoying sowing her wild oats. Good for her. Like she said she couldn’t pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What? She might lick them? THEM? Too funny!

Glad to see Embry taking matters into his own hands.
At this moment he has become her best friend. He cared enough to go against the wolves and finally tell her the truth on everything.
3/24 c8 BeckieT108
Bad Billy! How can he so cold hearted toward Bella?

I did not like Jared comment towards Kim. These La Push boys are not nice boys. If it wasn’t for the imprinting, these Neanderthals probably wouldn’t be able to keep a girl interested for long.
3/24 c7 BeckieT108
Oh poor Bella. First Renee, then Jacob and Charlie and now her two best friends are abandoning her. How much more can she take?
3/24 c6 BeckieT108
Glad to see Lauren taking Bella’s side. I was afraid the imprint was going to make her mushy for Jacob.

I don’t know if I missed it mentioned in the other chapters but Leah’s pregnant?

Poor Bella, not only did her mother abandon her for Phill but it seems Charlie has done the same thing with his new future family.
3/23 c5 BeckieT108
…it was like magic.. awww

What? No? He came in the ice machine?Gross. *face palm*
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