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3/24 c6 BeckieT108
Glad to see Lauren taking Bella’s side. I was afraid the imprint was going to make her mushy for Jacob.

I don’t know if I missed it mentioned in the other chapters but Leah’s pregnant?

Poor Bella, not only did her mother abandon her for Phill but it seems Charlie has done the same thing with his new future family.
3/23 c5 BeckieT108
…it was like magic.. awww

What? No? He came in the ice machine?Gross. *face palm*
3/22 c19 Patriciadiane
And their wedding was quintessentially them.
3/22 c18 Patriciadiane
Cullen's are very generous.
3/22 c17 Patriciadiane
Edward got served.
3/22 c16 Patriciadiane
Well, that was unexpected
3/22 c15 Patriciadiane
And so they meet. Drunk Quileutes not good. Old Quil could have done better with those vows
3/22 c14 Patriciadiane
Comedy of errors.
3/22 c13 Patriciadiane
Why is she being harassed for "disappearing" when she was abducted? Man up, Guys.
3/22 c12 Patriciadiane
Dear Sam is evidently the only sane one in the group.
3/22 c11 Patriciadiane
Bella has had a heck of a day and it can only get worse from here. Wolves are impulsive and dictatorial not an attractive look.
3/22 c10 Patriciadiane
Billy Black is a jerk of the highest magnitude.
3/22 c9 Patriciadiane
Some explanations but truly LOVE Bella's I can't catch a break dialogue.
3/22 c7 Patriciadiane
Poor Bella. Methinks her turn is around the corner. It is funny how Jake thinks when he wants to talk that all of the hard feelings should poof just disappear.
3/22 c6 Patriciadiane
Lots of misunderstandings, prejudices, and general mayhem -looks to be a heck of a wedding
Who knew Lauen could be the voice of reason? Who knows what strange things happen now?
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