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3/21 c5 Patriciadiane
Crazy cross-purposes and meeting girls in front of the ice machine...gross
3/21 c4 Patriciadiane
Sue is practical and Charlie needs an attitude adjustment.
3/21 c3 Patriciadiane
Lost his imprint. Small world - right.
Muffins as rocks love the humor
3/21 c2 Patriciadiane
sounds like the makings of trouble
3/21 c1 Patriciadiane
Interesting start. Sam seems to be of a different mindset than the others.
3/21 c4 BeckieT108
Oops my mistake. Jessica is not even with them it was Lauren.

Oh no! Charlie and Sue are looking forward to a small intimate gathering for their wedding. They are really going to be surprised when EVERYONE shows up.

3/21 c3 BeckieT108
Loving it! I’m literally laughing at every turn. Too hard Muffins being thrown out the window? Epic!

Crazy drivers?! Won’t Sam be surprised when he realizes who is in the next car?

Oh no! Which ones of the boys imprinted on the girls?
It was Jacob! He imprinted on Jessica?!

Enjoying every word.
3/20 c2 BeckieT108
This wedding is not going to be drama free. No wonder Charlie and Sue wanted something small.
3/20 c1 BeckieT108
I love it! I’m already hooked and it’s only the first chapter.

Poor Bella. Her exile from La Push was only suppose to be temporary.
3/8 c1 1bluewolf86
OMG the story was freaking hilarious I loved it from beginning to end
2/16 c1 Jacquij
Freaking hilarious! I can toally picture Billy with fists full of dollars! Lmao
1/11 c19 Stephannielynn
I love how vicky was put in the story especially the last chapter with her two cents of loving Bella more lol.
9/2/2021 c19 1neecy4life
Omg this story had me dying laughing I love it.
8/20/2021 c19 clairepettie
I love this pocket-sized M4D novella, and would happily watch an entire TV crime/law procedural on Jenks & Swan Legal Services.
6/17/2021 c19 Luci
Ending..love it.
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