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3/18/2019 c4 1Gamerman22
I would love to see Bubblebee. But no evil is allow and no Megaton! Follow for now.
3/18/2019 c4 17Xireana Prime
Question... the same chapter has been updated twice... is it for fixing errors or and upload phoopa?
3/17/2019 c2 Dracus6
Transformers Prime
I meant Soundwave not Shockwave
Soundwave superior his enemies inferior
Soundwave x Akame x Esdeath x Leone x Sheele x Chelsea x Seryu x Spear x Sayo.
Soundwave is silent but deadly his actions speaks louder than words.
3/17/2019 c1 Dracus6
hey there idea Crossover for you
transformers and Akame ga kill crossover fanfic
Shockwave finds himself in the another world as a human. Shockwave superior his enemies inferior.
Shockwave x Akame x Esdeath x Leone x Sheele x Chelsea x Seryu x Spear x Sayo
Shockwave is silent but deadly his actions speaks louder than words.
3/13/2019 c5 Guest
I vote for optimus prime
3/13/2019 c5 5Kaiser-Powers
I think you accidentally posted the same chapter twice
3/13/2019 c4 Kaiser-Powers
Festus fucking Haggen.
I was not expecting him to ever show up in fanfiction.
But I'm so happy he's here.
3/13/2019 c5 3King Lim
Optimus Prime
3/13/2019 c5 Guest
Optimus prime is good for his name
3/13/2019 c5 Nyx Orelius
Orion Pax makes more sense to me since it was the Optimus had before he became a Prime.
3/12/2019 c4 2merendinoemiliano
Very funny chapter(poor Optimus) and good fight. Regarding Aura, put those abilities just and only if other charachters can learn them as well: just making an example i hate when a gamer can make Aura blasts or shaping it in whath he wants, but others can't just because aren't gamer. Do as you wish, but be careful then. Good work.
3/11/2019 c4 Chaoticadu
He should change his name to Orion Pax
1. Orion Pax is a more believable human name than Optimus Prime
2. I love the name and want to see it more often in any media
3/11/2019 c4 RedEcho01
I think Orion pax as it is a new life, and it will serve as a reminder of his past as well as to give a new meaning to his original name. I think
3/11/2019 c4 9Detective Blanket
My 1st vote is for His name to remain Optimus Prime, my second would be for him to change it to Orion Pax, but in my opinion Jack Pax is a major no go.
3/11/2019 c4 18RisingSolstice
So... it's going to be an experience. Maybe Ghira's faunus instinct will hint that despite his seemingly young appearance, this person is an Alpha who fought, lived and died in a war... And he is very, very cranky of his predicament... hehehe. Even more once he finds out he is on an island of outcast because of circumstances that will remind him of why Megatron fought against the system... and plunge Cyberton into war.

Well if his name needs a color, you can go with 'Prime' rib steak... And he will die a little inside for having a sacred title of his people compared to a slab of meat. He already is called Optimus so better stick with it. Maybe make 'Orion' as a title, like the 'Hunter' constellation... A star that shines bright at shines at night... To light their darkest hour... The Orion... whoooo...

It's either the frustration or the hormones, but he better not go down the path of AOE or TLK Optimus..., or else Salem will pull a 'Quintessa' and Remnant will be doomed in the wake of the Nemesis... yeah it's just as bad as the Resident Evil kind.

If he feels a little extra cranky... speak softly and carry a big ol' axe (DOTM)... bonus if it can transform to a signature Ion-blaster. There is a weapon of Amalgous Prime, known only as the 'Scythe'. Basically it can transform to any weapon desired... a OP cheatcode of Remnant.
For vehicle: maybe an old truck that he'll recreate in his own image... that will be strangely vain of him... maybe somebody would like to put some flames for added flare... and almost crashing it because being a truck and driving one must be a culture shock (Animated)
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