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23h c55 Timesliger
Ok so the grail represents the Hestia famila, the sword planted in the ground piece represents the Takemikazuchi Famila and the woman with winged helmet represents the Freya famila and last but not least the rabbit piece represents Bell. I know this because the description for each piece expect bells, represents the emblem of the famila, Hestia a grail because in this fanfic the emblem is a grail
6/10 c55 guest
I'm wondering Weine will be encountered soon, though it looks like Ishtar will starting conflict next. A winged helmet huh, wonder what Gil plans with getting Freya involved.
6/7 c55 A Guest
Love the fic, but if you want to add more to the kid group, you should add Jeanne Alter Lily.
6/4 c51 riceload
You you you i hate how well you wrote that
5/27 c55 Guest
5/26 c55 3Gojosin
I have barely gotten anything done these past few days as I've binge read this story. I like it. So many things I find in here, one of which being Caster-Gil being a likable person. He's still Gilgamesh, but he's definitely not the rage inducing grail-hole that is Archer-Gil.

I'm curious how EMIYA is going to handle EMIYA-Alter though.
5/23 c55 3JSNachos
Such an amazing story! This is probably the only fanfic on the site which I can confidently say bested the original work. You removed all the harem bs from DanMachi and made it into a thrilling heroic tale.
Keep doing what you do, it's wonderful.
5/22 c55 17Rialga
Man, this was pretty intense. Bell's resolve was tested by Caster there and there's plenty of issues that will be further testing him soon too... can only hope he'll be well prepared for everything. As for Berserker getting training from Saber... damn, that actually sounds kind of scary. He's already a powerhouse physically, so once he hones his skills, he'll be even more of a force to reckon with.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/22 c55 Bluerose1937
Finally caught up after a week.
This has been one of my favorite crossovers so far.
The two main things I’m interested to see in this story later are on if Bell ends up with anyone. Emma seems most likely but Lefiya is also the other person it really looks like it keeps going back and fourth. Or if it’s a harem which could be possibly since Ais never saved him. Also glad it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be Ais

But the real important thing I’ve been looking forward to is Bell getting stronger. He’s been a level 3 for awhile now even if it’s a top tier level 3 that could have leveled up long ago. But u would have suspected level 4 by now. The problem has been he’s being treated like a baby by lancer and rider? Well he’s forced to take more responsibility which is nice and he acts like a true leader to his familia. But I’d like a fight where he goes all out without his familia around.
5/22 c55 vampireharry the 2
Another excellent chapter!
5/21 c55 ragnarok90
Good chapter so far!
I am kinda glad there is a separate discussion for both familias on the events that happened.
I liked the fact that both Archer and Caster didn't go into full detail about the events especially Archer with the identity of his Alter. I love the aftermath and that they are still recovering after what had happened to them.
Bell becoming more and more mature and standing up to Caster shows growth in his character. Also love the interaction of Asterios with Saber, being determined to protect Bell from his counterpart. I am more excited to read the meeting between Bell and EMIYA Alter. It would be interesting and maybe it would spur him on to ask more questions and get to know Archer more.
Looks like we are getting closer and maybe next chapter would be the Ishtar Arc. I'm excited to see how you handle it!
5/21 c55 Guest
Well done on the chapter! Keep it up!
5/21 c55 exaelalan
Gilgamesh es mi favorito, me gusta como retrate mas a los mitos de héroes antiguos. Que la visión idealizada de los héroes en tiempos modernos.
5/21 c55 Guest
Make sure to kill off Emiya soon. I don't even understand his role in this story anymore. Bell far surpasses Emiya as a hero. Bell can learn nothing from him. Should learn nothing from him.

Emiya is an emo red jerk.

Rin is a bitch.
Sakura is evil.
Shirou is fake and insincere.
5/21 c55 JustAFool
Considering Gilgamesh probably does have rabbit chess pieces just lying around in his noble phantasm. I find it funny to imagine him going someplace and commissioning these pieces.
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