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23h c16 Doggo McBonk
Papa Gil
11/23 c56 christopher03
have you thought of teaching bell Mana burst he should have a magic slot left and it should help him
11/13 c60 zero0123
y asi termino una buena historia...
11/8 c14 sol.leksthewolf2021
He was far too used to Dragons in human form that the massive lizardlike ones threw him off. Well, it's not like there was going to be one waiting for him back home or anything.

11/3 c26 norapeifthylikeit
Noooo! No astolfo!
10/25 c50 Guest
Enciodes, Anya, Encia. And there was a guy named Ansel too... Yep definitely an Arknights fan.
10/24 c60 FireIce06
Great chapter! Cant wait for the next one.
10/14 c13 Foxfire1215
I am a very literal person, so when I hear moonlit dawn; I can only think to myself, “That is one of THE MOST retarded names I have ever heard.”
10/2 c60 Iskandar
I don't suppose you're going to continue this?
9/15 c60 YozakuraKyou
sad, no more update
9/14 c49 Guest
Honestly screw Syr(Freya) I rather Bell pick anyone but her especially after what she did in canon and she got of it too lightly there, at least here with Bell servants who arguably can take on level 7 and above (given the right condition to someone or out right brute force) Bell will be safer since she knows she can’t pull off her usual tricks for long
9/9 c7 47Kaiimei
I honestly adore this version of Caster, arrogant but still...human, he isn't just a ridiculous caricature spouting meaningless one-liners and being useless.
9/5 c60 1Beta117
I do hope that you at least get one more chapter id love to see the full might of heros on the ishtar familia. I bet Gilgamesh would even pull out ea if he could kill ishtar with it.
9/2 c60 Guest
An update for those concerned. Heroic myth at this time is most likely on hiatus if not discontinued entirely. If a status update were to be made it would appear on heroic myths home site “spacebattles”.
8/29 c60 Tut
Muy buen capitulo, me encanta cuando la siguiente parte
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