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1/1 c5 Guest
I enjoy the story, but I hate how fucking awkward he is
12/24/2021 c12 4viewing civilian
Sadge. Let me know if you want to brainstorm some stuff, PM’s is open
12/23/2021 c12 bobdoleusa
Sad to see the story end. I'll admit that your planned plot doesn't sound very interesting to me, and a MxM pairing doesn't make much sense, considering how hung up on Superboy M'gann is, and by the time Max would have gotten to the school plot, she'd already be dating Superboy (unless that got seriously changed). You'd end up having a lot of political and legal BS you'd would have needed to deal with to get a legal super school up and running. Plus, the Light wouldn't use the nuclear option on Max's parents, and if they did, I don't see how everybody would have known it was Red Arrow but not tell Max.

Despite the critique of what you had planned, I liked what you had written. Max was a little too Iron Man-y, and I think too many people try to make IM characters. Artemis is my favorite character, and Wally my least. She deserves better than to end up with him.
11/16/2021 c1 Floyt Klinekole
uhh hey man I am making a story I did without asking you can I use your oc maxwell in my story sir or ma. am
8/31/2021 c11 bobdoleusa
I've quite enjoyed this story, despite being one of the fans that hates the Wally character. This hasn't been updated in awhile, but I hope it does. The MC isn't a Gary Stu, or anything, and that makes it better. Things might come a bit too easy for him, but he is a genius. Too many good stories go dormant or dead, so I hope updates will be coming in the future, especially since I just recommended the story to someone else. Finally, I fully support the MCxArtemis pairing. As someone who firmly believes that the writers did wrong by her, you should give her the better West.
6/1/2021 c11 Gerden360
This is a good story hope you update again
5/13/2021 c11 Guest
Awesome story please keep updating it
4/30/2021 c11 Diabolos Aides
Awesome story I really like Artemis and Max
3/12/2021 c10 bobdoleusa
Enjoyed the chapter. Doesn't Max still have problems with his arms? I don't remember him ever fixing them. I was kind of looking forward to seeing everybody's reaction when they learned what he sacrificed to save them all, and how he's been suffering in silence since, and working to overcome the limitations that came with it.
3/12/2021 c10 GGPD
looking forward to the fight scene
3/12/2021 c10 viewing civilian
You seem pretty adamant on the Artemis pairing, not that I dislike it, but have you thought about maybe someone else? I notice you updated the summary to AU (even though that seemed pretty clear lol. Velocity 9 wasn’t in YJ) so you can afford to add a few characters into the mix. Into the team or even just meeting them out in the world, whatever honestly. If you’re staying within the respective cast, I’m personally a fan of Zatanna and Miss. Martian. Or, and here me out here... Cheshire? I like the idea of maybe a failed attempt at romance, it would feel much more real and relatable.

About the tech, it’s cool to try and understand it but from a readers perspective it can feel a bit tedious to read at times. Although I do enjoy when there’s character interactions and brainstorming, like when Max and Artemis thought up ideas.

I hope that was constructive, or insightful to you in some way. Excited for the next chap and can’t help but be curious for the stuff post season 1 you spoke about a chapter or two ago. Good luck
3/9/2021 c9 GGPD
yep was wondering about his relationship with wally cus he hasnt been mentioned in the last few chapters. thanks for the chapter
2/28/2021 c8 GGPD
Giving legs to Artemis’s mom I guess
12/30/2020 c7 GGPD
Can’t believe that you are back been waiting for the new chapter for so long
5/24/2020 c6 johnnyescamilla5
pls continue
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