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5/24/2020 c6 johnnyescamilla5
pls continue
3/26/2020 c3 PikaMew1288
What is he Jealous of? Wally took a flawed version of the Garrick Serum thus he is not as fast as the Flash and has to overeat to avoid dying of starvation. If Max wanted to be better then just take an Improved Version of the Garrick Formula.
3/26/2020 c1 PikaMew1288
Young Justice Barry and Wally are the only Flashs in their multiverse that DON'T use the Speed Force for their speed. Also, If Max is such a Super Genius, then why isn't he researching so that he can find the perfect Super Human Formula? Hell, he can even improve on the Garrick Formula if he is that smart.
9/13/2019 c5 Magi Mari
He may be a super genius but you really love to treat your protagonist like trash. If he isn't special besides his mind you could've at least given him a bit of Tony's charisma.
9/13/2019 c2 Magi Mari
Well this is great so far a tech guy protagonist that's new and a Tony Stark vibe too so that's 100 points. Wonder who will he be paired with.
8/13/2019 c6 A reader
Hey, where's the rest? WHERE IS THE FUCKING REST?! I need it!
8/10/2019 c6 3PHD in oof
How’s that next chapter coming along?
5/15/2019 c6 GGPD
Well it’s like a sibling drama story is it gonna blow up when Artemis date Wally or is she even gonna date Wally in ur fic?
5/14/2019 c6 Ensent
So he cracked the Speed Force. Definitely interested to see what comes of that.
4/4/2019 c5 thecharmedone927
I really like this story. The concept and the character are amazing. It's just a little hard to get through. I don't know if its because Max is so socially awkward (which I find adorable) but he's going through a lot of absolute punishment to only be 13 years old. The level of trauma and general unworthiness he's feeling is worrying to me and he's just a fictional character! I'm so invested in him, I want to call a suicide prevention hotline for him. Being told he's unworthy and he only lives cause Cheshire allows it. It makes me too sad to be excited for his eventual evolution into a hero. I hope he learns to stand up for his self. And I feel silly writing such a long exposition on a fanfic but this character is so intriguing. I hope I haven't insulted you because that's not my intention. Thank you for writing and sharing.
4/1/2019 c5 mortenand24
Good story
Just one question Will there be spitfire in this?
4/1/2019 c5 Ensent
It honestly seems like this story exists only to shit all over Max; his parents don't give a shit about him, his brother doesn't care and insults him. The team doesn't care either and now you have Fate and Klarion insulting him. I was hoping that you were going to go the magic route with Max, but apparently even then you've made him a complete failure before he even started. Pretty sure Fate never commented on Wally not being suited for magic so why the hell do we have multiple characters going on about how bad Max is?
3/28/2019 c5 johnnyescamilla5
vibranium awesome
3/26/2019 c5 Guest
This is probably one of only yj oc where the character isn’t super annoying and super Mary Sue
3/26/2019 c5 GGPD
well kent can tutor max and zatanna doesnt max have artificial magic veins now so cant he use magic now
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