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for Can't Let Go

8/1/2019 c1 Quickened
I need to rewrite one part... “Also poorly written?” Should be changed to “Also amazingly written?” It was very good! I think we need a rewrite of a few more scene. *Wink Wink* lol KUDOS.
3/5/2019 c1 nightmaster000
Poor poor Catra my heart really breaks for her.
2/16/2019 c1 6THB4
This is what Catra went threw on the show just little more detailes. But e big differences is Catra admitting some small part of her likes Adora.
2/16/2019 c1 EndlessChains
A well done story. It was quite interesting to read from Catra’s Point of view after she left Adora on the cliffs edge. Nicely done with expressing the emotions she felt as well as the actions she took when she came back to her room that had Adora’s scent and items they made for each other. It was a good transition between emotions after she was done destroying items and then the sadness came into full force. When all is said and done, she feels hurt and sad that she left her friend there even if they are on opposite sides. It was a nice way to show how she coped with Adora’s betrayal and supposed death by her inaction to save her. It definitely showed that she still cares for Adora so much that she feels all these emotions for her. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

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