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for His Girl

7/22 c26 1RossomeR5auslly
lovveeeddddd this

rereading the baseball love series at the moment in the last story my heart isnt read for the goodbye and pain of Gary again, but also im ready
7/22 c26 ScandalOlitz4Ever
Good Chapter! Sad it's ending. Will there be a 3rd story to this series? Till next time :))
7/21 c26 milly4
Great chapter, thank you. you are an amazing writer, I really enjoy your stories keep it up they are all worth waiting for. I look forward to your next chapter.
7/21 c26 Katie2001
I can't believe how fast it is coming to an end I absolutely loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next one
7/19 c25 MarBeez
Will there be an update tonight? Not sure if tou were back on the every other Sunday kike Coach Bolton. Didn't see a date for the next chapter.
7/16 c25 falconcoderspam
Hey when is the next ch./sequel to this supposed to come out cause I can't watch this amazing story die.
7/6 c25 ScandalOlitz4Ever
Great Chapter!

Till next time :)
7/5 c25 milly4
this was an amazing chapter so worth waiting for I love it. no worries take your time yes I get anxious for the next chapter but so worth the wait. great job.
7/5 c25 RossomeR5auslly
thank you for not just writing for the hell of it, it makes a difference in whats written.
another beautiful chapter
7/5 c25 Guest
Love it...so sad that this story is almost over
7/5 c25 Katie2001
I am in love with Knox and I can't wait for the next chapter
7/4 c24 Guest
So where is the next chapter? Are you still having writers block? Maybe you shouldn’t give us a date if you are not sure because it is starting to get annoying when you say you will post on one day and you don’t update
6/27 c22 1lmao.goaway
Drunk girl!
6/24 c24 Guest
Hope that you are ok. Missed this story i wish you would update soon ️
6/23 c24 Guest
Hey, are you good? Just checking on you. Please update soon x
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