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1/1 c2 Jose19
This will be quite interesting but even with their skills the power that Shinobi have especially the high tier ones can defeat Ranma, and his friends.
12/11/2019 c20 1setokayba2n
Why is that I can imagine Ryoga reaching Suna or another of the villages
12/10/2019 c20 2Mr. Haziq
As long as the story doesn't die then you do you.

Wow. Ryoga really is in quite the pickle without Ranma.
12/10/2019 c15 Guest
Remember Ranma was already massively hypersonic by the time he learns Chestnut Fist(training style/not a technique).He was moving so fast that each of his punches were so swift it looks like one punch to same Akane that once counted all of Ranma punches(618) with no issue while the audience didn't see Ranma move at all.
Ryoga eventually learn this ability and try to fight Ranma,but Ranma has advance himself further by blocking Ryoga usage of this ability with his base speed,then brutalizing with Ryoga with a new version that sped up his entire body instantly defeating Ryoga.

Another showcase of his speed is shown when Ranma,while starving, was moving his hands so fast that Akane can no longer see him move. It's utterly invisible.
11/23/2019 c17 Darklion25
This story isn't too bad. A little boring, but hopefully things will pick up now you've gotten to Shippuden. One thing though, you switched tenses right in the middle of the Snow nin fight which was jarring
11/6/2019 c19 gamzeechristian
I like this story hope it gets updated soon and if anyone says that ranma is to powerful who cares let them be
8/17/2019 c15 ElPsyCongroo
You have made Ranma and Ryoga way to powerful. Naruto characters power-levels are way higher than the Ranma series, it be like the difference between DBZ and Naruto.
Thats not say to Ranma is weak, but end series Ranma (At series start I would say Ranma is just below genin Lee) would be about as fast as I would say Kakashi in male form and nearly as fast as Gai in female form, but with no where near the versatility of Kakashi jutsu or smarts or having access to the Gates in the case of Gai.
Basically End Series Ranma would be evenly matched with Gai when he is not using any gates. Making Ranma stronger than the Sannin or any of the Hokages is just pure bullshit. It makes me wonder have you even read/watched the Naruto manga/anime the whole way through. Because I can't see how anyone could and think Ranma would be somehow more bullshit than some of the insanely powerful abilities that get thrown around in the end.
8/17/2019 c19 5mad thought
You know it just occurred to me that with Ranma's luck, Kaguya might fall for him out of sheer uniqueness. Update when you can.
8/17/2019 c19 2Mr. Haziq
I feel like it was rushed with how quick it changes between characters.
8/17/2019 c19 1Artekha
You need to put separators in for different parts of the chapter. Thanks for the read.
8/16/2019 c1 yfnjustin
Ranma is not as powerful Goku at end of dragon Ball. Goku have the power to destroy the Moon, ranma not even as powerful as king Piccolo who have the power to destroy the Moon to. You might ask me how I know this.

Because I read all the ranma 1/2 manga and watch all the anime episode. And ranma never show that kind of power. He can't even destroy city.

Sorry but ranma been stronger than everyone in Naruto no just no. Can you tell me why people's like to make overpowered ranma crossover? Because a lot of other anime can beat ranma like he a baby.
7/30/2019 c17 3Hiryo
Wow, quite some fight that was and really on a hair's width!

Please update soon!
7/22/2019 c2 Reymen
Why did the brothers continue the ambush when they were running from Ranma? How did they have time to set it up?
7/19/2019 c17 4Monster King
Great job I hope you continue
6/17/2019 c16 tomkatan
There is potential here. It's an interesting idea and I want to stick around to see how you handle things. Here's the thing though. There just isn't enough focus on Ranma and Ryoga that isn't just training the Naruto cast. Characters that already win in the end. We never really get to see Ranma and Ryoga as people enough. Right now they just come across as plot devices to make everyone else stronger. Which doesn't appear to be needed since the duo are frankly overpowered. Good ideas but characterization should be focused on more. Maybe some crazy hijinks in the spirit of the series if we can't get that. Just keep working at it dude, it doesn't need to be perfect but try to use this fic as an opportunity to grow as a writer.
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