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for Frozen Wastes of Blades

2/25/2019 c3 9Kolomte'49
Interesting choice of teigus. I imagine from where you take the idea for the name of Deliora. Did you give it the name just for the relationship?
I can only bet that in the case of Michael is for his "appearance in a column of fire."
But what intrigues me is the Tecpatl's ability. I know it's a tool for sacrifices but, why the skill that looks like a vampire?
2/25/2019 c3 Super98
2/24/2019 c3 H3ZK
This story is retarded
2/24/2019 c3 398kazer
well then... *Favorite*, *Follow*
2/24/2019 c3 3Questoris
While the whole “fire and ice” thing is kinda cliche, it’s...fitting. I look forward to seeing more.
2/24/2019 c3 Rios
So far I have only found three shirou in akame ga kill stories, this is shaping up to be a good story. Will the sword sheathed in flame help kurome
2/24/2019 c3 Midnight49
Well things are going to be crazy later.
2/24/2019 c1 Guest
If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all
2/18/2019 c2 2newbi SIOC
okay i have several question
1. shirou hate bad guys am i right?
2. why shirou join empire, even though he know the empire is a piece of shit
3.i think esdeath think more logic , ofc why she just , oh i heard rumor that a guy just kill soldier and noble like nothing, i think he will good mate, i am just say wtf dude
esdeath is a woman not like that so is OOC and it just soldier don't have any power(teigu),
4. why prime minister did not send esdeath too kill shirou, hey one of noble empire just die, of course, prime minister will be angry, if rumor been spread like noble of empire just die but prime minister do nothing, i think you know what happened after that right?

so i think you need to improve your story, plot and character. the plot is a too fast dude
oh and one last make this story harem if you don't that's okay at i just want see shirou with ilya i meant his story is tragic is so sad T_T

plz don't take offense i want you series make better than this if you don't take my advice in this series hope in new series you can make better :) peace
2/18/2019 c1 1Nero Syrinx
The concept is good, unfortunately your writing is choppy as hell. I highly recommend you get an editor. Otherwise, fairly good.
2/18/2019 c2 Guest
This is pretty good, I like it!
2/17/2019 c2 OnetimeMuffin
Man this just keeps getting better and better. Altough I have one question why not make Shirou use his magecraft and fake it as his teigu also wich teigu is Shirou gonna get
2/17/2019 c2 Super98
Awesome chapter!
2/17/2019 c2 Polar Desert
And when Shirou surrendered and allowed himself to be arrested by Esdeath, there was a disturbance in the universe. It was as if simultaneously: Illya, Rin, EMIYA, Kiritsugu, the rebel/war heroes in the Throne of Heroes all facepalmed at that moment.

So Shirou can Trace some of the Teigus? Though I'm confused about how Wave's Grand Chariot didn't have even a hint of Tyrant's presence. I wonder what Shirou will get as a Teigu?

Hero of Justice now became a part of a group dedicated to capturing/killing the rebels and protecting the (corrupt) regime. Talk about fighting for the wrong side. Too bad Shirou can't just gut Honest and make everything easier. Illya, well, morality is a hit-or-miss for her. If she can get away with it (not make Shirou disappointed in her), she would mercilessly use all she can to crush their enemies. She'll want to take advantage of the lavish luxuries this provides too. As much as she wants to cater to her Onii-chan's dreams, a girl does get tired of traveling in the wilderness and sleeping on poor bedding.
2/17/2019 c2 genjuki
nice chapter
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