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10/2 c45 Han-solo-is-best
What happent to tiamat?
10/3 c32 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
still a Lovable and lovely Omake... I love this story
10/2 c45 247 Raven
Love the story I hope everything in your life is working out. I think everyone thought including me that you abandoned the story without saying anything so thank you for not abandon the story!
9/28 c45 Guest
Great story. I'm looking forward for the next part
9/29 c45 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
9/29 c45 Reader132
Another amazing chapter I can’t wait I’ll always be here waiting long live the king
9/29 c43 medatron
pretty sure akeno was highclass in the anime
9/29 c38 medatron
so literally nothing changed from Canon and u just made Matsuda a copy of Canon issie that's a disappointment
9/29 c45 Lucifer-Satani
Damn, this has been a long time coming.
I can't wait for the next chapter. I bet it's going to be great
9/28 c45 Magika Wizard
This one slipped my mind honestly, also didn't really think you were still updating this one considering how long it took to come out but I mean writing is pretty hard, considering I do a little bit of writing myself, but I digress. I look forward to reading another chapter and stay safe.
9/28 c45 SolSparda369
Sweet an update,can’t wait for another. Kokabiel is gonna get rocked the moment he steps in a dragon’s home terf.
9/28 c45 UniversalGod56
Amazing chapter as always keep up the good work and I'll be impatiently be waiting till the next chapter. Can't wait to see how Issei beats up kokabiel.
9/28 c45 dijma
great chapter as always but i wanted to ask about issei's harem i think i read in one of the chapters that your thinking about adding yasaka witch i think is a great idea but i wanted to ask if you think of adding kuroka or rossweise since till kyoto arc is still a good chunk away before we get there and i think they would fit with this story's issei either way thx for reading and i hope that you would consider it in the end it's your decision
9/28 c45 TatsuyaShiva4
So you fucking killing Vali off and put some random chick as a White Dragon Emperor?! I gave that Story another chance and it was going in a good direction but now damn. Vali is Ise's Brother in all but Blood.
9/28 c45 3RonaldM40196867
It’s great to have your priorities straight.
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