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for Son of the dragon gods

3/26 c5 Cruxin
Doesnt really feel like children talking to each other. I dont know about other people but I certainly never heard of a kid using words such as 'in addition', 'unfounded' and 'previously'.
2/26 c50 Reader132
This is so good anyone know when we getting a new chapter?
2/25 c18 V. T. von Carstein
Wow, you've taken what was an amazing story with an intresting premise and good character development...aaaand cheapened it with well harem, another great story ruined by teenage mediocrity. Went ahead and read about haflway thorugh it and I was right, well I'll be putting this down now.
2/23 c50 TatsuyaShiva4
Its okay.

I hope you make Vali a brother figure to Ise (PLEASE NO GENDERBENDING, Ingvlid is there and so are many great Women...This Story doesnt need a genderbending)
2/6 c50 Guest
What's taking u so damn long to get more chapters out
1/31 c50 Reader132
I love reading this series and hope this gets updated soon
1/25 c19 Ubae006
Men… Men do not “giggle”. Yhey chuckle
1/22 c50 Daemoniorum
Rather enjoy this fic. Interested in who Kokabiel brought in to fight Issei. Maybe Crom cruach?
1/18 c50 Luciferdawnstar
Please make Irina fall in love with issei please I don't like the Matsuda x Irina ship please don't let Matsuda get together with Irina
1/14 c50 4Michal.J.J.Badura
Całkiem ciekawa historia czekam na rychłą kontynuacje.
1/10 c50 SK Dumini
also can you add Kuroka as yokai in heram
1/10 c50 SK Dumini
bro the fanfic is excellent up till here!
but want to talk about heram, you had already noted the members of each races in this harem but you didn't add human race in it.
why not add the famous magician (ice princess) from the slash dog as she could be a great addition and could easily be added in the plot the way it is going on.
I also wanted to recommend purple diva (because she holds power to control dragon and issei himself being dragon could put twist to the story) as devil instead grayfia but chapter is already past.
1/7 c50 Guest
Thanks for the chapter
1/4 c50 AkenoHimejima01
Been a month and still no new chapter guess we're gonna wait another 4 to 5 months for a new chaper 3 year this story has been going on for and only 50 chapters wtf
12/19/2023 c50 Guest
Since you already established that Vali will be female: Can she join Issei‘s harem?
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