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for Son of the dragon gods

6/20 c51 Dakota
The chapter was ok but it took u this long to get that out jeez I hope u can hurry up and get a few more chapters out this is ridiculous on how long u take to just get 1 damn chapter done and I'm not following that excuse that u were to busy to write a single chapter in over 6 months that's total bullshit, it would only take a half hour to an hour to make up a chapter at most! If u don't want to be serious about writing the story let us no so we can stop wasting our time coming back to look for ur story to see if there's more to read.
6/19 c51 Jd
I was wondering when the next chapter is coming out.
5/14 c51 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more.
5/12 c51 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
damn you... I though that is gonna be the dreaded Shamael... anyway... a Nice update after sometime... please stay safe, healthy an happy my friend
5/10 c51 TG135Destroyer
it i ok at lest you still posted a new chapter
5/9 c51 demigodninja21
Is this going to be an actual crossover, or are you just going to bring characters from other series into this?
5/8 c51 3RonaldM40196867
Kiba is so entertaining.

We love Matsuda.

Good story.
5/8 c51 corpsehusband1106.jn
let me geuss he got samuel posion or a dragon slayer
5/8 c51 Grimfireshot
in sooooo happy this fanfiction dont dead
4/29 c45 corpsehusband1106.jn
and it's about time two
4/23 c37 Aedwards179
yup its going exactly the same as canon... fucking hell whats the point of making so many chapters of them training with stronger people than canon just for you to literally copy and paste the fught from the anime
4/23 c36 Aedwards179
please dont play this out exactly the same as canon... whats the point in them getting trained by stronger people if it happens yhe exact dame way as canon.
3/26 c5 Cruxin
Doesnt really feel like children talking to each other. I dont know about other people but I certainly never heard of a kid using words such as 'in addition', 'unfounded' and 'previously'.
2/26 c50 Reader132
This is so good anyone know when we getting a new chapter?
2/25 c18 V. T. von Carstein
Wow, you've taken what was an amazing story with an intresting premise and good character development...aaaand cheapened it with well harem, another great story ruined by teenage mediocrity. Went ahead and read about haflway thorugh it and I was right, well I'll be putting this down now.
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