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for Son of the dragon gods

5/3/2022 c42 curlyboy01
Awesome nice to see you back love this story
5/3/2022 c42 prince.d.kratos
this chapter was amazing and hilarious but did you really have to leave it of there its so evil to leave someone waiting for months to leave them on a cliffhanger as funny as this
5/3/2022 c42 RedReaper121
Love it keep up the great work
5/3/2022 c42 1djz17
Great story dude!
5/3/2022 c42 3RonaldM40196867
Issei needs a challenge.

Happy May!
5/3/2022 c42 1CRIMSON DD
sup this story i rate this 9/10 awsome and i was working on one too on wattpad and my phone got broke so i took a tablet thats outdated i think and tried to log in but noting happend hell even making a new account cant help. but ok the story still has my attention and keep it up so that spartanicartzDXD can make your story even more famous have you seen the likes and the views lately the story is the bom
5/3/2022 c42 JinseiTB
thanks for chap homie, hope you doing well
5/3/2022 c42 dawsonchester1
hmmmm now I'm curious, what does Great Red do for a job? I don't believe you ever stated that.
5/3/2022 c42 TatsuyaShiva4
A good Story but the Harem or more Grayfia as Idea mate destroyed it for me. She belongs to Sirzechs and that is fact.
4/27/2022 c41 X77g
I hope this story will go on for I long will it's amazing.
4/28/2022 c41 suryamgangwal63
any news on the next update?
4/27/2022 c9 dylanorlando2006
I’m on chapter 9 so I’m calling it okeno is still alive
4/27/2022 c41 1nicolopodou
I think the idea of the story is good, but there is too much useless stuff. That's over 250,000 words and we just finished the Riser arc. Try to go faster because at this level the story becomes boring, I've been following it for more than 8 months and I'm not really satisfied. this is not the time between each chapter the problem is the fact that nothing ever happens and everything drags on.
4/25/2022 c41 Some dude
I know youre taking your time on your story but the waiting is killing meeeee
4/24/2022 c41 God Oliver
Good series but when next chapter
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