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for Son of the dragon gods

10/5 c2 Parkodas
“We see (…flashback”

Excuse me, when did this become a play?
10/5 c1 Parkodas
This girl sure doesn’t sound a lot like Ophis.

So our dude is essentially edgy Athena?

It’s good to see that we agree in regards to family court. Heh.

Why do these dragon gods know so much about humans?

Remember to capitalize names!

Use of cursive for thoughts is something I am used to as well, and yet I find that it works much better on paper than it does digitally.

“Mama”? “Papa”? The little shit hasn’t even heard these words before!

If a name ends with an s, we use apostrophes to denominate belonging. Example: John’s apple. Ophis’ apple. Christopher’s boat. Dorris’ boat.

Periods are great. I advise you to use them. I myself am guilty of overusing commas, though I tend to use them more as one would parentheses is a mathematical expression than to chain too many pieces together.

“Diffuse” and “defuse” are two entirely different words.
10/5 c1 Parkodas
Just peeked at the first chapter. My issues with the fic can be summarized as follows;

“Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?!” Dumbledore said calmly.
10/3 c45 kelly
so yo said vali was a she in this? does that mean shes a potential mate in this?
10/2 c45 Han-solo-is-best
What happent to tiamat?
10/3 c32 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
still a Lovable and lovely Omake... I love this story
10/2 c45 247 Raven
Love the story I hope everything in your life is working out. I think everyone thought including me that you abandoned the story without saying anything so thank you for not abandon the story!
9/28 c45 Guest
Great story. I'm looking forward for the next part
9/29 c45 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
9/29 c45 Reader132
Another amazing chapter I can’t wait I’ll always be here waiting long live the king
9/29 c43 medatron
pretty sure akeno was highclass in the anime
9/29 c38 medatron
so literally nothing changed from Canon and u just made Matsuda a copy of Canon issie that's a disappointment
9/29 c45 Lucifer-Satani
Damn, this has been a long time coming.
I can't wait for the next chapter. I bet it's going to be great
9/28 c45 Magika Wizard
This one slipped my mind honestly, also didn't really think you were still updating this one considering how long it took to come out but I mean writing is pretty hard, considering I do a little bit of writing myself, but I digress. I look forward to reading another chapter and stay safe.
9/28 c45 SolSparda369
Sweet an update,can’t wait for another. Kokabiel is gonna get rocked the moment he steps in a dragon’s home terf.
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