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for Son of the dragon gods

9/11/2023 c49 PJSch
Go and DIE in a Ditch
9/4/2023 c49 Guest
Is it by any chance Crom?
9/3/2023 c49 Guest
It’s definitely was worth the wait
9/4/2023 c32 nazarenegodfrey11
Why not add Rossweisse?
9/3/2023 c49 demigodninja21
That comment about fashionably makes me think of Stylish from Akame Ga kill.
9/3/2023 c49 nicogo707070
Awesome chapter as always. Looking forward to the next one!
9/3/2023 c49 3RonaldM40196867
Kiba is winning our hearts.

The battle will start eventually.
9/3/2023 c49 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more.
9/2/2023 c49 4DA Exodus
this was a great chapter and well worth the wait. Im looking forward to the upcomign chapters and fights. Iseei vs Samael is gonna be amazing to watch. Also the moment I saw it said that kokabiel was still going through with the excalibur plan despite the fact issei was there told me instantly that samael had to be his way to deal with Issei xD
8/26/2023 c1 1Catseye1921
When’s the new update?
7/27/2023 c48 Guest
So, reading the story once, I think you messed up on one part. You shouldnt have revealed Isseis parents that early. Personally, I would've waited till the confrontation with Vali since there they all find out Ophis is the leader of the Khaos Brigade and Issei could've been there to dsny it and revealing everything.
7/25/2023 c1 Grimfireshot
I love this story sooo much keep going you one of the reasons I got back in to ready so keep going
7/19/2023 c48 redmen6blight
I sense Uncle Bara is about to go absolutely ape shit on a certain war monger that is if he doesn't decide to let Issei do it just to spite the war more amuseingly someone is going to make the mistake of telling Ophis and Great Red which would not end well.
7/18/2023 c35 redmen6blight
So I take it there is no Milicas because Grayfia isn't with Sirsechs honestly not sure who you can really pair him with if you take out Grayfia but oh well. Still interesting fic am curious about the question I asked last time. Was the harem intentioned to have all the supernatural races if so i must point out the youkai are missing their I could let this go(Lies like I would ever let this travesty go how dare you forget the fun side of Highschool DXD)but at the same time again I must ask did you forget about the poor youkai?(The devils must be made to pay for each and every nekoshou they killed a head for every poor nekoshou slain! Sorry that slipped plz excuse that)
7/18/2023 c18 redmen6blight
Didn't you say he would have a harem member from all the supernatural entities but I don't see a youkai unless I am wrong and you didn't say the above?Its not a deal breaker for me I was just curious?
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