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9/28 c45 UniversalGod56
Amazing chapter as always keep up the good work and I'll be impatiently be waiting till the next chapter. Can't wait to see how Issei beats up kokabiel.
9/28 c45 dijma
great chapter as always but i wanted to ask about issei's harem i think i read in one of the chapters that your thinking about adding yasaka witch i think is a great idea but i wanted to ask if you think of adding kuroka or rossweise since till kyoto arc is still a good chunk away before we get there and i think they would fit with this story's issei either way thx for reading and i hope that you would consider it in the end it's your decision
9/28 c45 TatsuyaShiva4
So you fucking killing Vali off and put some random chick as a White Dragon Emperor?! I gave that Story another chance and it was going in a good direction but now damn. Vali is Ise's Brother in all but Blood.
9/28 c45 3RonaldM40196867
It’s great to have your priorities straight.
9/28 c45 Niki1999
Gutes Kapitel freue mich schon auf das nächste
9/28 c45 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
yikes... the damned arc that I don't enjoy finally comes... thank you so much for the update my dear friend, don't forget to get some rest
9/28 c45 Drakyle
Well worth the wait for this chapter and their is no need for apologies, your IRL circumstances must take priority.
9/28 c45 dawsonchester1
man don't you dare apologize for taking awhile for this! we all have lives and sometimes they take priority, nothing to be sorry for, we're just happy your doing good and it's great to read new chapters from you! hope things irl stay good for ya! and press on big man!
9/28 c44 jasonsarahking3
really enjoyed the read hope you finish the story
9/23 c1 kahoot star
this was very good
9/25 c44 nanashihaisha
Can't wait for the next arc!
9/21 c44 Guest
So what the next chapter will be in December?
9/21 c44 X77g
Could you perhaps have Ophis change into her dragon form in the next chapter?
9/22 c1 nicogo707070
Update soon?
9/19 c13 Guest
I love the story so far and I want everyone to know that on the discord he said that the next chapter is about 1/3 of the way finished as of the beginning of September
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