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for Son of the dragon gods

9/15 c44 Guest
Im not impatient but it’s been 3 months when’s the next one
9/15 c1 Icedcenturion
is everything thing good with you op it's been a while since you last updated the story
9/8 c44 Dragonballandhighschooldxdfan
Will you continuing this or will this be drop cause this is great.
9/4 c3 Guest
"Ophis lightly blushed at what he said" - f.. that was so expected. Is there really a need for that?
9/4 c1 Guest
pretty disturbing how Ophis has been coerced into this situation - at least I hope she won't go lovey-dovey with Baka-Red
9/2 c43 nicogo707070
Starting to get scared. Hasn't been updated in a good bit.
8/27 c44 kristianchammo
Patiently waiting for the next chapter
8/18 c44 247 Raven
This is a really good and interesting story you have going on. Please will you make more?
8/16 c44 X77g
Could you please have Issei eliminate all evil dragon and evil good?
8/17 c44 ethanxthompson
Are you still okay it’s been a while since you finished chapter 44
8/11 c44 nicogo707070
Update soon? Hope you haven't abandoned it! Been looking forward to a new chapter every month or two.
8/4 c44 PhantomGhost107
Totally not checking every day for a new chapter…
7/30 c1 Guest
Can you please add the new chapter soon
7/26 c44 Chris S
I really like you story, it is so much fun to see where the cast goes and what they can accomplish. I know this is a lot of work for you and really appreciate your commitment to your art and craft. Please keep going as this is 1 of my 2 favorite What If’s.
7/28 c44 UniversalGod56
another amazing chapter keep up the amazing work and i'll keep reading.
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