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for Son of the dragon gods

3/1/2020 c10 Guest
Not to be over correcting but while God is in the top ten he isn't that strong. After all the heavenly dragons were considered strong enough to kill him
2/22/2020 c1 MasterOfDragonsGod
2/17/2020 c13 noble6117
2/15/2020 c13 haradtomek
I love the story you created and please keep doing this. When are the next chapters ? I beg
2/9/2020 c13 naruto
great chapter keep it up
2/9/2020 c13 Guest
Hey loving the story but i do have one tiny issue with it and I think someone already brought it up. Matsuba being with rias. While yes I get that you want to keep rias with the red dragon emperor matsuba is but ugly and if you are gonna make it him can you please change his appearance a little so it is at least less irritating to think about him and rias being together. However this is still a great story and this is a personal gripe of mine and nothing more so please do continue the good work.
2/10/2020 c13 tjboomer83
Well that was nice. Got to wonder what is going to happen with raynare and asia in this story. But I truly hope to see riser get his behind hand by issei for touching akeno. Then by ophis that would be funny.
2/9/2020 c13 5deltanz
Great chapter. Will we ever learn how she survived the explosion?
2/9/2020 c13 Khoashex
YES my fav story got updated THANK YOU
2/9/2020 c13 darth56
wow that was a great chapter to read it is very nice to read more of this story i do hope you will be writing this for some time to go so again thank you for your work
2/9/2020 c13 barut12717
nicee .I like this . I'will wait next chapter
2/9/2020 c1 Angra main
OK I have a clear idea of how it will work with kokabiel.
Red, ophis and issei stand in front of him with maximum aura Jojo posing
2/9/2020 c13 TatsuyaShiva4
Ok but Great Red and Ophis are so much OC...
2/8/2020 c13 Dragonborn2704
The moment kokabiel comes to town and threatens Akeno he is fucked.
Can't wait for Rias's reaction to Issei and Akeno being a pair.

Keep up the great work
2/8/2020 c13 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Love this chapter. Emotional just like last chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
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