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for Son of the dragon gods

2/24/2019 c4 arinst2305
No sacred gear and lost gear
2/24/2019 c4 3OechsnerC
I would say the only way you could even put a sacred gear in is to have ophis or great red to find one, and make issei have a part of issei human but it really is not human just a fake part that makes him look human.
2/24/2019 c4 W4rfaceWarrior
You know that moment? You see the story you like has been updated. BOOOM. its an Q/A. Well, I personally dislike the idea of Issei having a SG. But maybe you could give him some special ability GR and Ophis dont have.
Love your story and keep it up.
2/23/2019 c4 Ion del inator
I so your notice and I mast say about "Lost Gears" isn't a bad idea, but you could try when you finish this story about "Son of the dragon gods".
You could try to make a story about issei having a "Sacred Gear" and a "Lost Gear" .
But you could try in this story the "Son of the Dragon gods" to make Issei having a some tip of immunity on "Dragon slayers" and the True Longinius(spare of destiny) . That will make a different dragon god .
And continue the story with Akeno and him .
Plus :
You could try to make him to know Rias from much youthful age .
2/23/2019 c4 2Wargame-sama
well the closest thing he can have a sacred gear which is the Incinerate Anthem
2/23/2019 c4 AnimeA55Kicker
I agree. Issei is a dragon, so just do dragon powers.
2/23/2019 c3 AnimeA55Kicker
Whelp. Bakakiel is a dead man.
2/22/2019 c1 AnimeA55Kicker
Those idiots are def gonna be fucked by issei
2/22/2019 c3 LameName98
Barkiel is about to die. HAHAHAHA
2/21/2019 c3 Ion del inator
Not to worry ?!
The conversation is good
But be careful about the story some people's will not understand they idea itself .
But a good one about Akeno I was thinking you will put Rias but it works .
Plus :
Put Issei with a sacred gear , will be a some ?!
And I read a story from wattpad wath is cooled "Apocalypse Dragon God emperor" and in that story was something wicke it my bee a good a idea, is cooled "Lost gears" how with you like to make a story about those . And don't try to make issei very weich . And went it comes the time about Shalba to come to capture him make hi 2 sacred gears active and make him beat him(Shalba) and the athers very isei but don't make them take Orphies , Great Red, iseei. And good luck with this volume ?!
2/21/2019 c3 3OechsnerC
Awesome. Love your story
2/18/2019 c2 Guest
I thought it was very good, I'll be waiting on the next chapter
2/19/2019 c2 Ion del inator
Î like wen it began and the middle bat wen it began the capture with shalba it started to feel very bad .
I'm sorry to say baut you have to make shalba lose this fight it will make the story even more interesting .
Truste me !? It will make even more good .
Plus: could you make a story about "Lost gears " it will make a great story . And one about "Transcend beains". PLLLLLLSSSSSSSS
2/17/2019 c2 dont do it dude
dont kidnap issei dude make it a happy one
2/17/2019 c2 Guest
This is really good so far, keep it up :)))
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