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9/18/2019 c9 Dragonsayianblue
It sad what happened. And as for the harem Akeno, Ingvild leviathan, Kounu. Those are my choice. Also since ophis and great red are together the khaos brigade going to need something else. Also I have a feeling issei going to be discriminating the devils when finding out akeno is a slave.
9/20/2019 c9 Dragonborn2704
this has been amazing so far and i can't wait for more

to be compleatly honest i expected you to make it "the read dragon Empress" instead and have her be a part of the harem. i agree with you in the regard that that the red Emperor belongs with Rias and i can't wait for Isseis and Akenos reunion.
9/19/2019 c9 Djberneman
If great red is the dragon god of dreams, doesn’t that mean that he could turn dreams into reality and bring back Shuri and Akeno from death?
9/19/2019 c4 Dragonborn2704
i agree with you on the fact that it really dosen't make sence, but if that is what the people want-
honestly the the first time i eve have herd anybody be described as to overpowerd
really fun so far
9/18/2019 c9 sil-celestion-boos imperial
Pobre iseei. Si que estaba desaparecido buró espero con ansias el siguiente capítulo
9/18/2019 c9 1Serengon4k
Loved it. Please keep the story up
9/18/2019 c9 Darkhorror112
That was amazing and sad
9/18/2019 c9 Magus33
Honestly my second favorite dxd fanfic of all time! (That's actually really high considering how many I've read)
9/18/2019 c9 darth56
thanks form the new chapter i was tring to think of how you were going to get akeno a devil if that is what you are going for at least that is what it is looking like thanks for the new read
9/18/2019 c9 4Eternity456
Interesting chapter I enjoyed it the anguish issei felt at the supposed death of Akeno was good and I like how you had red admit they wouldn’t be able to train issei because they have never trained. Also you do know that shiva outclasses the Heavenly Dragons by a lot in the series it was hinted he would be able to defeat Trihexa a being on par with great red. But this is your story so whatever.

I enjoyed the scenes between issei & Akeno they were cute and red & Ophis moments were great as well.
Keep up the good work
9/18/2019 c9 1Lezaroth
Nice chapter. It provides character growth potential for not just Issei but Red and Ophis as well. The fact that, for all their power, they still have limits is a much needed lesson. It would definitely make Ophis more wary of Rizevim.

Even if I don't understand Lillith and how something infinite became finite. If you have a literal infinite amount of power, no matter how much is drained there would be no weakening. But eh, plot.

So we see Issei's potential already shining. Quite amazing but expected due to his origins.

As for the Tannin situation, I see no reason for any rejection. Red could make the ground much more fertile or add proporties to the dragon Apple seeds to promote growth. Ophis has enough brute force to change an area with her would be very thankful. I wonder if they'll simply give a blessing. Heck, speaking of blessings, Issei could get their blessings like Kunou when he "leaves the nest". Imagine that.

Also, is the harem fully based on DxD? If so I'd vote/guess that possible options would be Ingvild Leviathan, Valerie Tepes (no matter what she always ends up somewhat ignored. A shame), Lavinia (I mean... is she ever used?) or even Tiamat but she is even more used than Rias in badass Issei stories.

Just out of curiosity. The dimensional gap can be seen as a type of void, the in-between. Canon said it is inbetween Earth and the faction dimensions. Imma just say it is underused and has some more potential in case you feel like adding some crossovers.
9/18/2019 c9 Robert Pleko
put serafall in issei harem
9/18/2019 c9 1Grimmmlord
Great chapter and I’m betting that one of the harem members is koneko
9/18/2019 c9 STARLORD2599
Thank you for finally updating the story. At one point I thought that you had abandoned this story. I know that you were busy, but after 2 months of waiting I thought you had given up on this story which you haven't and I'm very happy because this is one of my most favourite highschool dxd fanfic.

Now onto the chapter, this chapter was awesome, although I was a bit sad because I thought that you would keep Shuri alive, I'm just a bit bummed that Akeno always loses her mother, can you make it so Baraqiel with Great reds help is able to revive Shuri as a fallen angel. That would be a great twist. I know Rias finds Akeno and makes her her queen. Later in highschool after Issei meets Akeno again, he might surprise her by telling that her mother is alive, this will also mean that after seeing that her mother is a fallen angel, she will give up on her hate of fallen angels earlier than canon.

Now as to how she is revived, it's not hard for Great Red considering he did make a body for Issei in canon. Also his power comes from dreams and imagination, so yeah add that with a prototype reviving system of the fallen angels, Bam! There you go, another first of a kind idea. It would be great to implement this but it is your story, I'm just giving some suggestions. If people say why not mention anything about reviving Akeno just make up something like after a while before reviving Shuri they found out Akeno had escaped so they put up a search party but after years they gave up on the idea. Now this is a great idea , but I can't write a whole story for shit. I can only give ideas. But like I said it's your story, and don't worry even if you don't do this, I won't stop reading it. Like I said this is one of my most favourite Fanfics.

Now onto pairings for Harem. Why not add Ingvild and Kuroka. Ingvild because she is kind and very beautiful and also her sacred gear empowers dragons, so that would be a great choice for him. If you don't read LN then Ingvild is the last descendant of Leviathan. She is a half devil half human with a sacred gear, and she is Issei's queen after he becomes a high class devil. As for Kuroka, I just love her character, she played the villain role to protect her sister and would do anything for her. She is also kind at heart and also a tease. Why not add an OC to his Harem. If you are adding OC add Erza Scarlet and Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail. They are both very kind and very powerful despite being just humans.

Awesome chapter, keep up the great work and can't wait for the next one.
9/17/2019 c1 1xmanechout
Great chapter!
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