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for Son of the dragon gods

5/29/2019 c8 Robert Pleko
this masacre was awsume
5/29/2019 c1 Matias Quinteros
Ah ... I forgot to say something to you, don't pay much attention to some specific readers, develop the story as you believe better, besides that evil peaces can not be used in greater existences of pure power like the dragons gods
5/28/2019 c8 Matias Quinteros
A great story but with a somewhat cliche title, your story far exceeded my low expectations, because they were low? Usually here in the fandom stories go up that always try the same and always have the same mistakes: They rush too much to want to develop the plot and its characters, Issei super OP without almost having any valid explanation or training, not knowing the canon correctly, having a bad grammar and not having much coherence in the events that happen in their stories ... but my friend, these errors They do not happen much in your story, there may be some inconsistencies in the plot but they are only minor potholes that do not matter much, why? because you are narrating very well the course of your story, besides that even in the canon there are inconsistencies ... you know the canon perfectly well as to give a good sense to the plot of your story and you use the concept of Issei being a dragon god In a much more interesting and less hasty than other stories with the same concept, I take my hat off to you, continue with the great approach and don't worry much about altering the canon a little or about adding some arcs or new things to the history, as long as it goes in order and makes sense it will be perfect.
5/28/2019 c8 3OechsnerC
Nice update
5/28/2019 c8 sil-celestion-boos imperial
Gran capítulo amigo.
Espero con ganas la próxima actualización
5/28/2019 c8 darth56
thanks for the new chapter i do like the pairing again thanks
5/28/2019 c8 Magus33
Epic as usual. I do think that you should continue into the cannon timeline. Don't be afraid to completely alter it as you see fit. I truly believe that with your creative talents, you could easily create an entirely new version separate from the original. Similar characters would help, but consider altering the situations, don't make Issei a devil but rather have him aid the others as a part of his own little team. I'd love to see how you can create funny encounters of him at school (it'll give you the chance to play around with the natures of a dragon's aura since he's not a normal dragon). It'll be a legendary moment once his true identity is inevitably revealed. You're doing an excellent job of not having him be too OP and you're setting up a great villainous plot that can actually transcend years. Of course he could also have a new main villain that he'll have to face with his new team. With him being in high school, his parents will (reluctantly) allow him to face his foes alone since he bears the pride of the dragons. Overall, you definitely need to continue further into his life and don't worry at all about sticking with the original script.
As a writer, English major, and writing tutor, my main note of criticism is to re-read (or have a trusted friend) re-read the material out loud. You have a few minor mistakes which can easily be picked up this way, and it'll help you restructure some of your sentences. Even if the sentence is grammatically correct, it may improve your flow which is just as important. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
5/21/2019 c1 Guest
can you make a interisting summary for this fic? so it's gonna make many people intristing to read in! that's my suggest.

thank you if you read this.
5/8/2019 c7 Guest
Glad that you're back! Looking forward to the next chapter.

One thing. If this is a harem story, can Rias be the lead girl (or one of them if there's more than one)?
5/8/2019 c7 Guest
As long as you don’t put issei in Rias peerage or become a puppet that can be manipulated by the devils, particularly Sirzechs, I am ok with anything. Every times when I see the Riser arc, I always think that the whole helping Rias thing is totally a manipulation from Sirzechs. He should be able to help his own sister by himself and Rias and her gang should be able to get out of the marriage by doing training seriously; however, Rias and her gang don’t do serious training until a week before her rating game with Riser. What the point of wasting so many years of no serious training after knowing about the marriage? And for Sirzech, he let someone else helping his sister and at the same time showing off to other devils and factions that the Gremory and devils in general have good connection with strong person; in the cannon and other fanfics, this person is the mc. So, I hope that your issei will not be in a similar situation. He should not be a puppet to any factions and remain neutral.
5/8/2019 c6 Guest
I hope issei not gonna be Rias bitch’s slave. Well, the evil pieces are not able to reincarnate a god anyway, and here our mc is a literal dragon god which is superior to a god. So, if somehow you find a way for issei to be in that bitch peerage, I think most readers including me will be very disappointed.
5/9/2019 c7 OechsnerC
Awesome update. Love your story.
5/8/2019 c7 Ion del inator
Hei not bad story ?! But to short ?! More bigger story?!
Hei I was thinking put in that story to make the Chaos Brigade lose this fight with issei and then he wil come back to Ophis and Great Red and tell them about the ambush . And make some how to meet one of Rias parents servant and then meet Rias her self and new her well .
Plus :
If you have a idea of a new story put pause and try to make that one up when you have new ideas for this one.
And cheap going white the story.
5/8/2019 c7 sil-celestion-boos imperial
O interesante como terminará ese encuentro
5/8/2019 c7 AnimeA55Kicker
Well no matter how this goes foe Issei, a bunch of fucking devils are going to die.
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