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for Saskia

2/1 c5 alexaguamenti
This is such a cool story! I love how you tighten all of the fandoms. I can’t wait to read more!
1/21 c4 28Sakura Lisel
Um... why is Tony and the others unbelieving of magic? What do they call what Thor and Loki able to do with Thors lightning powers and Lokis obviously magically powered tricks. *lol* and they must have encountered Doctor Strange by now, and what about Wanda and HER magic based powers? *lol*
1/20 c4 Kyle
Who is saskia's father?
11/5/2019 c4 DeathWing-GPV
Had to re-read the entire fanfic again (I read 20-30 fanfics a week) But it looks like you've done well on all aspects. (I don't have much time atm) Anyways, cya.

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