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10/30 c1 Guest
I wonder how Isaac and Tyler about how they could be the dad to Katy baby and i wonder how the dad of the baby is
10/30 c115 Guest
i wonder how the dad of the baby is then
10/30 c115 Katy
Don’t fancy being in Katy’s shoes right now!

10/27 c114 Guest
can you update on this story
10/25 c114 Guest
I hope the dad is Tyler is will be better dad to the baby and he will be there for the baby and because i think Isaac is not ready to be a dad
10/25 c114 Guest
i hope Katy find right guy for her soon
10/24 c114 Leah
Katy and Karen’s relationship is the best!

And Tina!

10/24 c114 1Purplestan
Aw Ronnie had a cute reaction to the baby but I do wonder how Jack will react especially about not knowing who the dad is. But then he can't really judge can he. Knowing Katy though he'll probably be the past to know or find out from someone else lol. And the possible dads I'm hoping Katy doesn't get to tell them and they find out very dramatically
10/24 c113 Guest
can you do more chapters on this story
10/22 c113 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
Sorry for late review. Glad that Katy confided in Tina about being pregnant, glad that she didn't go through with her abortion, I think she would have regretted it if she had. I have a feeling it's Tyler's child. Looking forward to more.
10/21 c113 Guest
i think it maybe Tyler baby
10/21 c113 Guest
Katy need to tell issac and tyer they could be the dad
10/21 c113 Leah
Katy flying in head first? That makes a change... Not.

10/21 c113 1Purplestan
Really she should be telling Issac and Tyler first about the baby before they found out from someone else which will make the situation worse
10/19 c112 Guest
Katy need to keep the baby and tell some one she is pregnant
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