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for Waver Velvet's Guide to Being an Insignificant Extra

7/2/2020 c9 10engel17white
después de un año no creo que actualices, pero aun así buen trabajo, la verdad jamas he visto "Fate" pero es interesante tu concepto de la historia y como lo trajiste varios años antes de los eventos de harry potter, para poder conocerlo mejor y no ser solo una extencion de la historia original, y la inclusión de OC es una muy buena forma de agregar cosas a la historia
me pregunto como se tomaría waver si un día simplemente se topara con dumbledore por casualidad y este le hiciera ver con completa lógica y sentido que sus malos hábitos de salud y falta de confianza en la practica lo limitan y alejan de la perfección académica (claro con esa forma tan "peculiar" que tiene albus de enseñar)
aunque algo me dice que lo haría mas por ver el potencial del niño y lo útil que un muggle-born tan poderoso puede ser en la siguiente guerra cuando voldemort vuelva, tal vez hasta le daría pistas para hallar the Room of Requirement con esa idea en mente
muy buen trabajo, saludos desde mexico
6/16/2019 c9 1Ghosttin
I wish I found this fic earlier. First of all, I love the idea of Waver in HP universe. There is plenty potential there, although the title might limit some of it.
First of all, so far more time was spent of what Weaver does outside of the school than inside. I understand that it is difficult to write about HP universe without rehashing everything, but in such cases one should not be afraid to change how Hogwarts works, or add new events. I am myself writing a fic (which might never be published) where the heads of houses give a challenge to each year, and those with best results will receive certain benefits/rewards next year. Changing the rules of how the world works is better than sticking to the cannon, at least in my opinion.
I wonder what's the role for Waver for the second year. The title suggests that he will always be insignificant, but I wouldn't mind if he became a support character for the "golden Trio." Waver has some propensities towards being a great detective, and the second year is perfect to explore it. It would also be a great way make him humbler, if he was the one tricked by the diary, although he is probably too smart for that.
Another thing, which many people hope for and with which I disagree with: Bringing Broskander into the story. There are plenty of ways to make a character more humble, make them realize they are not so wonderful as they believed. Inserting Iskander into this story would be forced, since you already stick closely to cannon, and thus introducing Iskandar would be forced.
5/4/2019 c9 PasiveNox
Ehh waver you bitch heheheh grewt
4/13/2019 c8 2VGBlackwing
if Iskandre was there he would have punch him his mother is crying for him to make an effort to reconnect with her son for so long
4/11/2019 c7 3Mrcrazyman94
I was initially hesitant on reading this but after thinking about how awsome reading a Waver Fic would be, especially after reading Case files, I was just drawn to this. While not the Waver I was looking for, the older and more experienced one, I am still excited to see him grow and mature over the coming 7 years.

I can definitely see the 'chaos' he will generate as he becomes more mature and starts to become more like his older self. No doubt it won't be the same but hopefully it's similar enough.

for now I'll keep an eye on it.
4/6/2019 c7 PasiveNox
its nice a nice chapter
4/6/2019 c7 2gabe.d.clark.1997
Yes, it is INCREDIBLY contrived. Normally I wouldn't suggest it, but with all the Fates and Prophecies running about in HP it really does seem like there's some behind the scenes force in the world making all these contrivances happen...
3/28/2019 c3 gabe.d.clark.1997
Reasonable way to include Rider? Lock him up in an old ruin somewhere, put a stasis field on him (and perhaps his army too) because some wizard thought it'd be fun to release Alexander the Great back on the world centuries after they thought he was gone? Sure it's stupid, but it's wizard stupid.
3/28/2019 c1 gabe.d.clark.1997
For a moment there I thought they were still magi, with their whole moonlit world and everything. Then along comes Ms. McGonagall. You know all those phantasmal species that went extinct? Nope, they're still there, they're just hiding from you too. And thus the World was even more of a matryoshka doll than it was before!
3/26/2019 c6 alexc123
I like the story so far. Poor Waver is going to have a hard time without his king to set him straight.
3/23/2019 c6 Warpwind
opening cans of weaver worms XD
3/23/2019 c6 PasiveNox
Nice nice
3/16/2019 c5 14RedBurningDragon
Yea his not very professional as a teacher
3/9/2019 c4 PasiveNox
nice introduction grreat
3/4/2019 c3 Warpwind
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