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for Penny Polendina: Sensational Cyber Sleuth

7/20/2020 c1 Shogun lord poke burst
...I imagine her using digimon that remind her of Ruby and her team.
Black Gatomon
Fanbeemon(queen bee, like Weiss)
Please update
3/3/2019 c1 7gundam 09
Awesome, Penny with Digimon, she will have a lot of fun there, please make the next chapter soon.
2/21/2019 c1 Boop
Quite an interesting choice of character, and the premise. And you are right Penny is quite underused, not enough love for our friendly robot. Speaking of, the shirt is quite ironic, guess Penny have learned humor(thank god its not Yang's type of humor).

The only tip I could give is to not make the pairing forcefully into our heads. It is ok to just do it just because its cute(and I do agree it is) but let it feel like it progress naturally. Luckily it would be easier for Penny since she didn't show any form of sexuality in canon and probably didn't develop one, so you can definitely have some fun with that.

Also her having PTSD is quite interesting and I do hope you dwell deep into it in the later chapters, how is she dealing it now, what treatment is she given to cope with it, does it return once in a while. And considering she literally got it the moment she has a body, it may prove quite a challenge, of course that won't stop the cheerful former robot.

Speaking of, it would be nice if we see how she is testing her body. Make a mention to of how she is experimenting her new sense like eating food, smell and among other things as she is enjoying her new flesh and also facing trials of having one. Since its been only a month, I doubt she has full control of her body,maybe her being clumsy to show that she is still still trying to familiarize herself and still lacking motor skills.

That would be my opinion, I do see a lot of ways of how to go about of Penny having a human body and experience the joy of having one as well of facing the trials that comes with(i.e PTSD and having a female body if you know what I mean). I hope the advice helps.

Also if If I have a predictionthe first Digimon Penny would have I would guess it would be something that has strings, being a robot or made of metal or maybe a puppet because it fits and also the irony of her having one. Hagurumon would be my guess as her starter.

Regardless I will be waiting see how you handle the next chapter.

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