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5/3 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
2/17/2019 c1 5YPM-33-KI
Very well-written indeed. You managed to squeeze so much emotion into this, and there's certainly no sign in the text that you lost inspiration at any point. It was also nice to see Jake being able to move on from his experiences to some degree, even though he will almost certainly never completely get over it. Nicely done!
2/17/2019 c1 57Animorphgirl
Well written, very dark and appropriate, given the subject matter. I still think there were plenty of ways for Tom to have been saved throughout the series, but KAA sure wanted to throw the whole "war is awful" message at her young readers, and Tom was a casualty of that. Anyway, great job-as usual!

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