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for Ship of the Line - The Death Star

4/3 c18 Fast Frank
Very good once the formatting problem is fixed.
4/3 c14 Fast Frank
A Colonel is an O-6; a Brigadier General is an O-7.
4/3 c10 Fast Frank
No US Navy electromagnetic catapults in 1997, steam only. And why isn't Ethan in confinement; since when is he a qualified shuttle pilot?
10/1/2019 c14 1Cemalidor
Hm, still pondering some stuff here. Like the possibility that you use Cordelia as some antagonist to provide a hook, line and sinker for Kinsey to try to exploit. Also I'm still mulling over Lady Elizabeth being rather proficient on the bridge, but that could maybe attributed to a certain meddling roman deity. *shrugs*
The one main thing that rather irked me was the line
"They just saved our lives, Jack. Maybe they feel they owe us an answer."
Not sure how saving someone puts the helper in debt of the helped. :XD
9/29/2019 c18 ZhaWarudo
Massively flawed. Why would Xander destroy Earth instead of just razing the surface. The planet would recover in time and it as a highly valuable resource wouldn't be wasted, not to mention the home of humanity. The whole Tarkin thing was half assed, he just went along with it on a non space faring non empire non rebel planet, on a search for some rebels...
The people who were costumed as stormtroopers are what NPC's? They haven't said a word, they just stayed there needlesly guarding Ethan?
Buffy who couldnt' be further from tech, suddenly knows her way around an alien console? Even if it was in English she woudln't know what to do, and don't justify it with saying she doesn't know everything like using life sensors. She wouldn't know shit about shields, lasers or tractor beam.
Why is she even doing that while you have Dawn as an admiral who suddenly disappeared from the story?
How the fuck is the US military thinking of capturing the Death Star without any space ships of their own? Even if they had space ships it would be safe to assume that Death Star has like a million of troppers. That's just going full retard.
Wtf is Buffy's mom saying this better be important or heads will roll with a fucking space shuttle in front her and the Death Star in the sky? I would safely say that shit is more important than a gallery event.
This is only in the 6 and a half chapters when I dropped this fic.
9/28/2019 c8 Cemalidor
A pity that you decide to nick that G-man term. :XD Buffy still using victorian speech patterns is something else, curious if this will persist.
3/19/2019 c17 captaindickscratcher
I like the different approach you have for the memories retained from Halloween. Having personality traits remain mixing in with the original. I'd like to point out a design flaw in the death star you wouldn't get in the star wars universe. A ship need a complex map of gravitational mass forces in the star wars galaxy to navigate hyperspace and can only travel along hyperspace ' lanes ' so the death star should be unable to go far from earths system as it doesn't have a map of the milky way to use and even IF it did it couldn't travel everywhere in the galaxy due to the restrictions star wars hyperspace physics unlike Goa'uld, asgard and ancient hyperdrives. If Xander needs more personal on board how about using the separatists battledroid army? From tarkins perspective the clone wars were actual history and the plans for all the droid, vehicles and ships should be in the computer records. Warren and Andrew should be able to Seriously upgrade them into a massive anti demon army or ship building workforce.
2/26/2019 c18 Mayhem296
Interesting so far, waiting to read more.
2/19/2019 c18 Fallyna
An interesting premise and its nice to see an aspiration to defend the human race as a whole, rather than a single nation. Volunteer troops from every nation will contain infiltrators from military intelligence, the NID and dozens of other agencies, whose mission is to steal technology for their nation, as well as suborning the Vigilant Watcher from within, Trojan style. Possible counters include advanced lie detection or mental conditioning technology (which would make sense for the Imperium), but the second is a slippery path to follow.

If Xander can produce limitless quantities of gold from his molecular furnaces, the gold standard becomes worthless (being based on a rare and finite resource), with every country using it suffering from hyperinflation, Venezuelan style. Barter might be a better option for technology trades than currency in that situation.

Will be interested to see how Xander and the other teens solve their legal issues as minors, which will affect them every time they venture down to Earth.
2/18/2019 c8 2kossboss
I agree g-man is lame.
2/18/2019 c7 kossboss
Enjoying the read so far!
2/18/2019 c3 kossboss
Ah I was thinking he would get the memories all at once, almost like having a copy of Zanders future memories with Tarkins at the same time, but I guess we shall go through this song and dance, at least he not blasting the planet. Liking it so far.
2/18/2019 c2 kossboss
Interesting way to take the story. I am looking forward to see where this is going. When is he going to get his memories back?
2/17/2019 c1 kossboss
Ok, I have no idea where this is gonna go, but I would maybe suggest tossing the SG1 tag crossover into the Story Summary, other than that interesting chapter.

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