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for Wide grey skies

9/24 c1 3nodeerskulls
I don't even know how to begin saying how good this was, and how much I could find myself in it as someone comstantly battling with depression and anxiety. It was thought provoking, heart wrenching, and could easily be a book of its own without any fanfiction ties, and still be just as good. Truly one of the best fanfictions in its genre that I've read all year.
9/20 c37 Nutella Man
You did it! You actually finished the fanfic you beautiful, marvellous writer. Thank you xD
9/17 c37 3Sparksofrandomness
T_T noooooo

They're purfect for each other. Naruto you better be the sunshine you are and bring those two together somehow in the next fic T_T
9/16 c37 jexcel
Wow from the beginning till now awesome story its really amazing there will be no other like it.
will there be an epilogue?
9/14 c37 Jummper
AARRKKK my heart! This left hollow in my chest ... thank you for making this.
9/14 c9 mr guy
this is barely a crossover, why not write an original fiction with this plot, you have no reason to use characters from other fiction if you cant even remember what their capabilities are.
9/14 c37 14tabjoy13
Well that was upsetting.

Despite the emotional goodbye I couldn't help but think, no Hermione, your life isn't a movie, it's a fan fiction. Get on the plane! But I fear the elemental nations would be quite a shock to her system, not to mention being the Hokage's...um...special friend? Gosh that sounds weird when you try to label it.

Well done with the satisfying finish! And I'm happy to see the first chapter of Scarecrow is up. Onward?
9/13 c37 Staircase142
This one hurt
9/13 c37 ChaosSapphire
Lovely conclusion, thanks for writing.
9/13 c37 2MongoStomp910
THAT’S the ending?
9/13 c37 TigerBones
I love this story. I really felt the longing at the sad departure and look forward to reading more of the series. Thank you.
9/13 c37 NYFanFic
What a wonderful read, a bit sad ending but still good. Thank you. Looking forward to the sequel.
9/13 c1 Ardishana
I'm weeping inconsolably right now and it's your fault! Bittersweet tears of melancholy! All over the place!

I'm proud of Hermione taking care of herself and making sure she has support for the foreseeable future.

I hope Konoha is ready because it's getting back a very different Scarecrow than the one they are used to. Naruto you better brush off the Talk no Jutsu and put off enough sunshine to give Kakashi's pasty sun starved self a tan!

Maybe Gai is awake by now? I hope so. Kashi-kun is gonna need a best friend to lean on. Will Gai weep Manly Tears of Youth for his Eternal Rivals Long-distance Springtime of Love!? If he does I'm here for it!

Does Kakashi just waltz into Tsunade's office, say Hi I decided to come back after all, and hands her a list of his medication she needs to reverse engineer so his brain chemistry doesn't go out of wack again? Then hands her a stack of books on mental health? Tsunade time to hit the books, there's learning to be done.

Kakashi weirding Tenzo out with talk about sheep. Because why not.

Oh and by the way did he forget to mention he discovered a hidden community of honest to Sage magic users. Cause he did. With wands and everything.
9/7 c36 RatherFabulous
He's not actually ABANDONING her, of course.
But...you can't tell someone how to feel, even if their feelings make no sense in light of facts.
I've quit trying to bail the ocean.

When you look past all of the ephemeral, blowing leaves of troubles, triumphs, struggles, loss, grief, and joy, through it ALL, love remains.
As my mom loves to say, "If everyone's okay, the rest we can fix." The older I get, the more true that is.
In that gestalt, that synergy of the whole, the healed and the broken, the painful parts aren't disregarded, but, are instead, simply facets of where one is in the moment.
9/6 c36 Guest
Oh this was a beautiful chapter. They finally said I love you!
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