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8/17 c29 mencia
Terrific story. Thank you.
6/6 c29 BarbW324
Great story! Very dark and very realistic. Tank and company finally got their due. Please come back and finish the epilogue. It would be a shame to leave it like it is.

I know teal life sometimes gets in the way but you are such a gifted writer that I know you don't want it to end like this. Thanks again.
4/25 c29 Lennox128
Beautiful story. I really hope you come back and write the conclusion and epilogue. It is a dark story but very well written. Thanks again.
3/25 c5 Guest
Brilliant, gritty story that's beautifully written. Really enjoying it - thank you
2/7 c29 Karaleejh66
Another amazing story you've shared with us... looking forward to the epilogue.
1/10 c29 debnorm4
I have read this story twice. Just love love love it. Hopefully someday there will be an epilogue. If not it really is a amazing story as it is.
12/29/2020 c29 samiam24
Really, really well written. Can't wait for the epilogue!

I hope you are safe and healthy in these crazy times. Happy New year!
12/3/2020 c29 1jules3677
Have enjoyed reading your story. Working with PTSD would be bad enough but to have someone attempt to manipulate a person to a violent tragic death would be unimaginable. Realise you had to have an antagonist for your story, Tank? Have a soft spot for the character. You created a credible demented character there, including the others made it complicated. Believe you portrayed a person suffering and addressed the major issues and triggers. Glad you allowed Steph to take back some of the control taken from her. Morelli’s ending was a let down and having his last thought be blaming Steph for his actions was typical of that character. Thankyou for your considered story.
10/25/2020 c29 Mindymj
Thank you for this story! Amazing.
9/13/2020 c7 Nojoe
I just found this story and have been ignoring all Sunday chores to read. Honestly, I am so disappointed in Tank you’d think I knew him personally. This is an amazing story so thank you for sharing with people like myself who love to read however lack any writing ability.
4/11/2020 c29 Madgor
Wow... I wish I was better at telling you what parts touched me the most. I find a lot more depth in the word warrior than hero and I love that description for Steph. Great way to tie it all together with the title. Hope she will find her healing through it all. I think you write wonderfully and this is one of the best stories I’ve read. Thank you! And excuse my English, it’s my second language.
4/11/2020 c25 Madgor
I really enjoy Alex and the layers of Ranger’s emotions. I find it impressive how you can put all of this together like this.
4/10/2020 c18 Madgor
I really appreciated the add instructions to why Tank is doing this. I thoroughly enjoyed the part on wants vs needs. You are doing so well! I am trying to slow my pace to really savor the chapter because it’s so good but I can’t contain myself :)
4/10/2020 c11 Madgor
Wow the section about ones sexuality being respected and body got me thinking a lot. This is amazing how you touch on deep and important subjects. The confrontation in Tank’s office was powerful, fantastic.
4/10/2020 c7 Madgor
This is so good! I really feel Steph’s pain and relate to my own trauma and troubles. Aren’t we all walking around with baggage still affections is in some way. I don’t know how you can create such a depth to the characters and I love all the details. Amazing and well done!
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