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for A Stronger Diva

7/31/2020 c1 11emeraldphan
This is certainly a very different Christine to the one we are used to! I think you have dealt with pretty much every plothole and flaw in that musical... She really brings out how deluded Erik is and how absurd his plan was. I'm glad she's trying to fix her marriage too, not just return home to the same situation. And no, Erik really would not like to live with that new Christine - there's no way she would be a pretty, obedient wife for him, even if he made her stay.
I'm not sure if the original version would act like this but it would be great if she did!
5/29/2019 c1 Aaymeirah
I love Christine being a strong and independent woman. Great one-shot.
5/7/2019 c1 67Phantom Actress
YES! YES! YES! One of the reasons why I HATED LND was because they p portrayed Christine as a weak woman head over heels for Erik, but this was amazing! Christine wouldn't betrayed Raoul like in LND! THIS WAS SO GOOD!
2/20/2019 c1 MyNina
Wow, that is definitely how Christine should have acted after how she was treated by the men in her life... it is true, she is a completely different character in your story, but I like her XD
Of course, as a Vicomtesse she was supposed to be a dutiful wife and follow her husband' s demands, women were not supposed to be independent and strong... Raoul and Erik definitely got what they deserved XD
2/19/2019 c1 45Igenlode Wordsmith
To me this reads basically as if Raoul had married Carlotta instead (which might have made for an interesting story) :-p

It's not so much a question of whether Christine has a different character as of whether she *is* a different character; a different person altogether. These thoughts don't sound like Christine to me at all - you've written scenes where Christine loses her temper and defies Erik, or throws a few home truths in his face, and so have I, but in both cases based on the existing character with all her passions and vulnerabilities. The woman we see here is a cold, scornful character with the soul of a market huckster, and in effect it feels as if a complete stranger has been transplanted into the plot...

I like the idea of the Vicomtesse who wishes she were a fishwife so she could be vulgar when she felt like it ;-p

I hadn't thought about *how* Erik would go about providing a deformed corpse in order to be able to make people assume he was dead :-(

It's not entirely fair of the diva to demand that what has already been characterised as a ridiculously high fee must be paid in ready cash - I can't imagine *that* was ever in the contract, and it's not very reasonable to expect it on the spur of the moment ;-)

"like the good obedient wife she always was" - of course :-p
2/19/2019 c1 16Child of Dreams
Does this mean no Erik/Christine?

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