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2/4 c31 Gucci Mane LaFlare
At least you're not abanadening it. We'll get some sort of conclusion.
12/5/2020 c30 Total Drama fan
I can't wait the next episode.
11/8/2020 c30 39Cody Fanatic
Also I have a question, what’s your opinion on Zoey?
11/4/2020 c30 dark mage
Finally came back to this story sad to see Duncan go but at least he has a girlfriend (far better than mike)
Another note will there be anymore returns or not as I would like to see characters like DJ and Izzy? Return
Finally would the ever be a viewer submission challenge
Love your writing have a great day
11/6/2020 c30 Cody Fanatic
Duncan x Zoey huh, eh I like it, I also like Zoey x Mike, but I have the same issues you have with it, what kind of boyfriend keeps their evil personality a secret, has he learned nothing from TDROTI, while I kind of understand why Mike kept Mal hidden, it still feels like he doesn't trust Zoey despite the fact they've been dating for a year. I still like Mike at the end of the day.
10/26/2020 c18 7BuckJohnson
I wanted to like this story. I really did. But this is where I felt like I had to stop reading. Why is explained by my thoughts on the eliminations up to this point...

Dave: I think Bridgette was a bit unfair to him in her confessional, since Dave did at least help Sky carry her crate since she couldn't see where she was going. He did at least carry his weight a little during the challenge and I honestly think Staci would have been a better first boot. I think Dave getting eliminated around "The Sucky Outdoors" would have been more appropriate, given how he really doesn't want to be in nature. Eliminating him just because he's your least favorite character is a bit biased. You could have developed him a little before his elimination, in my opinion. There is at least more you could have done with him than the expendable Staci.

Staci: Gwen’s confessional where she called Dave useless was once again unfair, since you did mention him helping during the first challenge. I still think Staci should have been voted off first, having her stay another episode was ultimately pointless and made no difference.

Dakota: No complaints about eliminating her when you did, especially since it sets up her internship subplot. I agree with your reasoning.

Sugar: Once again, I have no complaints. Her elimination makes sense. Sugar is honestly my least favorite Total Drama contestant, a villain who relies on dumb luck and toliet humor. In my opinion, she's a garbage character. The highlight of the talent contest was Ella and Beardo performing the Total Drama theme song. Having them be the in-universe creators of the song was a really nice touch.

Amy: Yeah, I agree with this elimination too. It was nice seeing the others on the team, even Max of all people, side with Sammy over her. I also liked having Heather read Amy's diary, though it's too bad that Amy wasn't eliminated then as a direct result of Heather's plan.

Leonard: Another elimination that makes sense, I do like that you clarified he was acting and wasn't just delusional. If I do have a complaint about the chapter where he's eliminated, having Max as the reason for Sierra's hair turning purple feels forced and unnecessary. You already had Sierra and Topher already knowing each other, as well as Duncan and Mike. Sierra could just have had dyed her hair purple because she wants to.

Anne Maria: You said that you had no ideas for her… and it shows. I think you could have done more with her, but an early elimination does make sense. Maybe it would have been better if a villain like Alejandro or Heather was responsible for her losing the challenge though.

Izzy: Another elimination that does make sense. Although, you should have shown how Scarlett contacted the RCMP. I know you said she stole a phone from staff member in the next chapter, but that's a cheap excuse. Show, don't tell.

Rodney: Seriously, no last words exchanged between him and Scott? That's disappointing. Overall, his elimination was fine though Mike did make a good point about why keeping him might have been smart. You could have developed him a bit more though. Wasn't a huge fan of making him related to Scott, felt contrived especially since Scott didn't say anything during his elimination. So you could have done better.

Max: I really like what you did with him. His friendship with Ella was entertaining, you have him some nice development, and he had plenty of funny moments. I do agree with your reasoning for his elimination though. It makes sense, but at least he still made an impression.

Jo: Wow… now this is an elimination that I disagree with. And I disagree with your overall thoughts on Jo. She's probably one of my favorite Total Drama characters, someone with a lot of potential. She has great dynamics with others, excellent zingers, and is a strong contestant. You said she was only responsible for two eliminations, but that's just as many as Sugar and one of those eliminations happened because she accidentally pushed a tree on Jasmine. Honestly, I think Cody could have been eliminated here instead since it's realistic if the others were getting annoyed by his flirting. There was a lot more you could have done with Jo and I don't think she's "irredeemable" like you once said. Overall, eliminating Jo this early in the game just feels like a waste.

Ezekiel: So… why didn't Scarlett go after Scott? She knows that he's the bigger threat and he lost part of the challenge which makes him a target. Scarlett went after his allies, Rodney and Ezekiel, but not the real threat. That just seems… dumb. As for Ezekiel, I feel like he could have still been better developed. Flesh out a friendship with Scott more. But hey, at least you gave him something. And he wasn't eliminated first.

Eva, Gwen, and Dawn: I disagree with these eliminations. Some of them, like Gwen and Dawn, still felt like they had some plot to offer and that you could have still done more with them. This would have been a better opportunity to get rid of Katie or Sadie, who have so far added very little to the story. And Aiden is just really annoying. I understand you wanted to give B and Trent more focus, but that didn't require giving Dawn and Gwen the shaft. Eva's elimination I can kinda accept, but not Dawn and Gwen's. They deserved better.

Ella: I really liked her in this story, she had plenty of great moments and interactions with other characters. And yeah, her elimination makes sense. Good stuff, no complaints.

Justin: His elimination was fine, a good strategic move by Alejandro. Nothing much else to say.

Cody: I don't like how he was eliminated, since Aiden is just really annoying me and I wish he would be eliminated already. Honestly, you should have replaced Aiden with Brody. Having Aiden just takes away victories from the villains we should be rooting for. Cody could have been eliminated earlier, as I have pointed out.

Aiden and Mike/Mal: So Mal came back… because of a cursed item? Honestly, that's weak. And I feel like Mike was eliminated too early, without his storyline getting proper closure. It just ended with an anti-climatic disqualification. As for Aiden, I hated him. But him just getting disqualified instead of a proper elimination is unsatisfying. I like some of the stuff you did with Mike, but the conclusion to his arc is just weak.

I find the elimination order, like the overall story itself, to be very flawed. It's full of bias and contrivances, keeping some characters that contribute nothing longer than you should and eliminating others that still have story potential to offer sooner than you should. Sorry for being critical, but the story up to this point just left me disappointed. It feels like a huge missed opportunity.
9/16/2020 c30 Knight
Not gonna lie I did not expect you to have Chef’s first name said in your story and if I was I would’ve expected you to use the first name used for him in DramaRama. And I’m more surprised you used it as the first name for his brother Norbert.
9/16/2020 c30 Guest
Ok, i get that you must be on pressure to release a new chapter, but don't you think this chapter was really rushed? Especially the ending with the Zoey and Duncan thing?
But i must say that I'm liking where this story is going, and I hope that you won't let this pressure derail the story; because you have the potential to make something great with this.
9/17/2020 c30 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG
Well played, Alejandro. His reason for having Duncan eliminated was logical and valid, even Cameron agrees. Well, at least Duncan managed to ask Zoey out on a date before he left. DunZoey is official, I guess.
If Dave actually wants to have a chance with Sky now that Zoey is spoken for, he'll have to go through Lightning first, and let's just say I'm rooting for Lightning to be with Sky cause I don't like Dave at all. But question. Is Sky still with Keith, or is she single? I don't want Lightning to fall into that trap like Dave did.
Scarlett did much better than I expected in this challenge, and you'd think Sky would be in her element, but she just had to let the redhead get to her emotions.
They cloud your judgment. B was outstanding in this challenge, Sugar had no chance. The same can be said for Bridgette, who while not as klutzy as Tyler, is still a klutz on a terrain that isn't water, but she did very good.
Courtney's a stand out as well, knocking both Shawn and Duncan off the platform, though both instances required trickery and underhandedness respectively. A close call between Jasmine and Leshawna, but the sista with 'tude triumphs. This challenge was more fun than it had any right to be.
9/16/2020 c30 Gucci Mane LaFlare
I still think you wriote Duncan well even if you don't like him.
Good job with everything, seeing Chef and his dad host together was quite fun.
The challenge was well described too
9/16/2020 c30 7Wonders and Madness
Eh...I wont miss Duncan all that much. I don't hate him, just not a big fan. That was very smart of Alejandro. Duncan is a massive social threat. Cameron is speaking the truth. They all lie! Dave is such a "Nice Guy" i'm sure any girl would want to date him.
9/16/2020 c30 209gman5846
Wow.. So Duncan is dating Zoey!
I already knew he would be gone though.
9/16/2020 c29 Mr.NInja21
Good chapter but man you voted out my boy Duncan before the merge
9/16/2020 c30 xtremexavier15
You're definitely right about Duncan. Why did he have to win Action if he was such an asshole? Why did he come back in the game in World Tour? Why did he merge the most out of everyone? I know! Because he's a writer's pet. I used to like him in Island, but Action made me hate him. Good chapter.
9/6/2020 c11 Endiegirl4
I like how you made Max and Ella friends.
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