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for Flare Hero: Deku

8/27/2020 c12 1RoxasNightwing
Loved binging this story.
8/20/2020 c12 22bajy
love it!
8/8/2020 c12 Shia Rephic
URARAKA USE YOUR QUIRK AND HOLD ON TIGHT! Lorddddd I missed this chaotic energy it always brings me smiles and wheezing,hyena-like laughter

Thank you for the chapter!
5/2/2020 c5 Guest
bro chill
so alot of people over look the fact that one for all doesn't just boost strength but it's like quirk steroids on lvl 1000000 that's how nana shimura could basically fly cause it made her quirk like god tier
so it would be like endeavor on blast
3/14/2020 c10 1kinggameplay1234
using 10 percent would not destroy izuku body it
1/14/2020 c10 Middernacht
its funny really from the results i combined that you gave Izuku should actually be second before momo.
Plus I really hope for momo X izuku
1/13/2020 c11 15NinjaFang1331
Wonderful introduction
1/13/2020 c11 Shia Rephic
Omg Izu looks at Todoroki and I MEAN LOOK AT HIM AND HELP HIM
1/13/2020 c11 22bajy
despite some anime sweardrop moments, you did a good job on this chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter when it comes out
1/13/2020 c11 2merendinoemiliano
Quite dynamic and enjoyable chapter.
1/13/2020 c11 27Shadow-DJ
Next up is gonna be Costumes :P
1/3/2020 c10 Shia Rephic
That’s right fear Ko’s power cause he will not discriminate or treat anyone differently no matter what gender they are. . . Also would Aizawa’s quirk work on Ko’s or would he be so lucky that Aizawa won’t be able to activate it on Ko?
1/3/2020 c10 22bajy
you did a remarkable job on this chapter and I am absolutely looking forward to reading the next one
1/3/2020 c10 15NinjaFang1331
Wonderful excellent update
1/3/2020 c10 2merendinoemiliano
Epic chapter and fight, can't wait for more. Good work.
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