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1/20 c2 dgray2259
It's too bad Fanfiction net doesn't allow anybody to add pictures in the middle of their stories to enhance the immersion of them. but I do say I like She-ra Catra then Adora's.
9/29/2022 c1 Guest
Catra:"Etheria the homeworld we Princeses of Alliance have strived to protect from the The Horde, can no longer sustain us. Years of civil war have caused the greatest of casualties: our planet's very core, has shut down, halting its production of life-giving the survival and life. Most of us have abandoned our home in hopes of finding a new life among the stars. I am Catra, defender of the Etheria, leader of the Princesses Alliance. We do not know how many of our brothers and sisters escaped of Adora's blockade. I can only be certain of this: Just one transport remains"
8/3/2022 c133 akoslows
I don’t know if you ever plan on coming back to this story, but just know that I’ve enjoyed everything that has been posted and I hope you are doing okay in whatever you’re doing now. Real life always comes first.
7/16/2022 c119 Sargent Angle
I literally just glanced at the summary page and had to do a double take I was so shocked, a whole year... a WHOLE year since the last update, honestly my heart broke when I saw that.
7/14/2022 c133 4Master Ryu Shiro
Okay I'm going to be honest with you, I've been reading your story for almost two months now and I've never felt so trapped in a fanfic since I was 12. This is art before my eyes.

1-Good narrative, you combine very well the times where you narrate what happened and what the characters narrate, it makes you feel the emotion they experience at that moment. (7.5/10)

2-A quite powerful character development, I don't know how to say it exactly, but I felt how my heart weighed with each heartbreaking scene, a unique development for catra and ador...ahem Despera, who perfectly reflects what would have happened if her roles are reversed and he will take a more realistic course of each of his decisions (8/10)

3-The original changes of the story are unprecedented, it is so amazing to see the imagination that you present when writing them, literally not a single night passed without having the need to read at least 5 chapters because of how exciting each event became, the reality false, the funny moments and aroda... I have no words to describe my emotion. (10/10)

This became my favorite fanfic, that's why I want to know just one thing... WILL YOU COME BACK?!
7/4/2022 c1 20MarCor3
*binge reading*

Hm, another version AU of Catra finding the Sword Of Protection this time around, and Adora thinking that her best friend were just having a dream about...

Yep, roles are reversed indeed and this should be quite interesting to read on about! But wow, over 1400k words of this, and it's STILL not finished?!

Oh well okay then... (•‿•)
6/23/2022 c133 Guest
This story is fucking dead
6/20/2022 c31 robwar80
Oh I have to say, this was a beautifully written chapter Such a simple but efficient plan. Even in the worst case scenario the same benefits would be gained as in the canon episode whilst having less consequences. But instead Adora made a (well alluded to) plan that worked out beautifully.

I have to say, excellent writing good sir/miss/mix
5/24/2022 c37 188Luiz4200
Shadow Weaver wouldn't be Shadow Weaver without trying to overthrow Hordak. The real twist is including Adora. Good work.
5/15/2022 c10 Luiz4200
I totally forgot about the magicats before reading this chapter.
3/15/2022 c36 Guest
Not gonna lie to you..This is officially better then the show. I hope you finish this fic man,cause you got this dude in tears man
3/8/2022 c1 13Doctor Anime Lover 2938448
So…Love the story since I always thought Adora would be more of a Villain than Catra but I was wondering…..When’s the next update coming!?
2/28/2022 c133 17T-Rex Ninja Kid
Really excellent fanfic. Its got twists and turns l never see coming. Like you l love season 5 and l can't imagine how what you're going to do with Adora that'll turn her onto a better path. Coz she's way more evil than Catra was in the show.
2/25/2022 c118 Featherboi
pretty damn great i'l be honest
2/15/2022 c43 T-Rex Ninja Kid
Dang it. l really hoped that Adora could see what Shadow Weaver did to Catra after her leg was broken.
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