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6/22/2020 c118 Last Primaris
so glad Catra finally stood up to Adora and Spoke the truth
6/22/2020 c130 Guest
I have an idea what if mara was catra greatest grandmother like in the episode where madam razz tell adora about mara she tell catra that mara meet a magic cat Male and fall in love with him and then mara betrayed her people so they won't hurt the magic cats and then find out that light hope brute adora to etherea so catra can't have the sword because she related to mara just my idea if you don't like it is okay
6/21/2020 c91 LegitIon69
2nd season is

Bow's dad make me cry/10

Your writing has improved even more with the 2nd season. There's been less typos and fewer instances of me having to reread a section because I wasn't sure who was the POV character. Catra's journey and Adora's downfall hits me in the guts. And oh my God Catra and Angela always makes me cry every scene they have a heart to heart.

You mentioned having depression and seeing a doctor about it towards the beginning. I hope you got the help you need friend. Also, you're always so hard on yourself. Everytime I see "I wrote the last 10k words in 30 minutes before work, after not sleeping for three days, on a bus, so it might be bad," I know I'm in for a good chapter. You're a good writer, mate. And dedicated, like I couldn't write as much as you in as short a time, even if I wrote pure gibberish.

You get the characters so right, fill in holes in the show I didn't even realize needed to be filled, and just do such a great job. I love this fic and in the past week I've been reading (holy crap, I've read almost a million words in a week), I honestly feel like this has filled the hole in my heart after finishing the show. But I just know it's going to leave an even bigger hole. Thank you for writing this. I'm glad I didn't get scared of the word count lol.
6/21/2020 c88 LegitIon69
Ok so please tell me you're going to end the series with a

"Hey, Adora, do you wanna be my girlfriend uwu?"

"Catra, what in the fresh hell is a girlfriend."
6/20/2020 c5 9Doomstar87
I know this is technically an Alternate Retelling of She-Ra with Catra as the Protagonist and the new She-RA (or CAT-RA in this case) but I can't help feel a little satisfied at reading her getting shocked in this reverse scenario. Payback for Canon Catra Season 3 and 4 probably lol.
6/18/2020 c130 3Bloodwolf432
It’s interesting that Adora can copy powers but you need to be very careful with this so you don’t end up making her OP. She’s plenty strong enough with her shadow powers but add in the ability to teleport, control water, plants, and ice? You have a character that would need one hell of a kryptonite to take her down.
6/18/2020 c130 20Star Saber21
Hmm, not quite the beating Catra gave Adora in White Out, but not bad. I hadn’t realised Swift Wind would sense Catras rage. Admittedly I'm surprised Glimmer tried to stop Catra from killing Adora, even if was only to stop Catra from losing the bond with her sword. But now Adoras draining magic ability has grated her Glimmers teleporting power. I was in shock, but reading her repeatedly teleport and run into walls was pretty funny. Course now theres a big robot problem to deal with.
6/18/2020 c130 5Peyton Helix
Alright, starting off, it's good to see you're back at the writing and you're doing okay. Regardless of the reasons for it, as long as you're okay and you feel good about continuing the writing, that's what matters most. With that said, onto the chapter.

Seeing Swift Wind interacting with Flutterina for a bit, while relatively minor in terms of plot development, is at least very enjoyable for me. And seeing a bit more of Swift Wind trying to actually be supportive of someone is a good way to approach him, considering how easy it is for the character to be annoying. Plus Flutterina's more... manipulative moment is quite an interesting insight into that character...

The first part of the major action and Adora getting a right royal beatdown form Catra was only made more fun by this being the second time in this whole fic that she has vastly underestimated Catra's ability to actually throw her and defeat her. It's kind of hilarious that she thinks she understands the way Catra thinks and can act the way she does to her, considering how much of what she wants to believe about Catra is based on her own pain over Catra's actions towards her and refusing to let it go.

Scorpia lamenting the Rebellion wanting to leave them alone... It just makes me want to grab her and shake her, saying, "It's a war! You're enemies on the frontline! Adora -wanted- Catra to get here to be fought!" I'm not complaining or criticizing her saying it, but it does show much badly Scorpia's lost in wishful thinking.

Seeing Catra almost lose herself in the same way Adora's lost herself is a wonderful example of you deliberately contrasting the pair of them. Plus, you know, Adora essentially getting what she said she wanted without realising what the consequences of that would be is just another sign of how short-sighted and petty her need to hurt Catra really is.

It's actually got me thinking about how Adora had the gall to say she forgave Catra back in the world that never was, but only after she thought she had broken the latter. I wouldn't mind seeing Catra call her out on that, and then on her hypocrisy if Adora makes it clear that she only forgave her because she was beaten. 'Cos I think we all know that ain't how forgiveness works...

And then the second half of the action... Now I see why Glimmer was brought along... So you could introduce us to the latest horror of Adora's poisonous parasitical power. I mean... If Adora has that kind of power to steal from others their abilities... Is there going to be any limit to what she could do by the season's end?! I mean, even with Glimmer's ability alone, she might just be damn near unstoppable. If she gets the other Princesses powers, she will be! What terrible, terrible horrors are you planning to inflict on us poor readers, you madman!

All fluff aside, I like just how big and scary a twist this revelation is, becuase of just how much of a direct, honest-to-goodness threat Adora becomes as a result. She has the potential to do so much more damage if she had access to that level of power indefinitely. She wouldn't need the Horde or Double Trouble to do anything, she could just walk into Bright Moon by herself and wipe the floor with everyone in the Rebellion. I think that could be fun, but just be careful about how powerful Adora becomes if it breaks the progression of the narrative from what things need to happen to keep it like the show's continuity.

Giving her that limit being how the powers tax her own energy is a good way to manage that, especially if the more powers she copies, the more drained overall she becomes and the quicker the power drains for any of the abilities when used. So, like, having all that varied energy in her is actually too much for even her magic, or her body, to handle, and it actually begins to weaken her or something. I dunno, you probably have it all worked out, but that's how I'd write it anyway.

Well, alright, we seem set for a pretty epic finale to the episode, if that's what's coming next. I look forward to reading whatever it is you put out in the near future.
6/18/2020 c129 Peyton Helix
Okay, so I haven't reviewed this anywhere near as quickly as I could have, but things have been a bit mad in the world right now, so now I'm going to make up for lost time.

Let's start with Catra and Swift Wind, and their sacred bond. Seeing how they work with that, and their banter about it needing a cooler name, got me chuckling. It's nice to see them work off each other in that moment, just being able to work so well together that they can fight and comment on it is always fun to see.

Moving on to Adora and Scorpia briefly, I think every time I see these two interact from now on, it's going to get me feeling sad. Similar to the show's version of events, I suppose, but that's no criticism. Seeing Scorpia go through what she does, knowing that ultimately, she wants to try and do right by her friend, is always bound to tug at the heartstrings. And well, we all know where Adora's callousness is going to lead her...

Seeing Glimmer actually be part of the proceedings, and work with Catra to try and deal with the situation, with Flutterina's input, was a fun variation on events. Her finding a way to get involved (while I may know the reasons why), is quite a nice way to shake things up.

And finally, Catra going all out on Adora... While I kinda feel iffy about the idea that she would be ready to kill her for what she did (even if Angella's death makes her feeling that way pretty understandable), and that it's kind of a big step back for her in terms of her character development, I do have a big ol' soft spot for interrupting Adora right in the middle of her usual grandstanding. I always love seeing that in other media. Long speeches between heroes and villains are just opportunities to get killed quicker, so be practical, damn it! :p I would like to almost see more of that in the future, if there is ever a place for it.

Welp, I've said what I can for this chapter, a good several weeks late. Let's see if I can muster some thoughts about the next one too. :)
6/18/2020 c130 MR11
Wow I thought catra has already achieved the she-ra power she still has a long way to go and for Adora she also needs to realise that her personal vendetta has cost the life of an innocent and soon reality will hit her hard in the face that she has become a monster during her path of revenge

Glad you are back and hope you feel better in these hard times
6/18/2020 c130 11OMAC001
So Adora doesn't remember anything about the Portal, or is perhaps suppressing it? Bad for her if Cat-ra's after her! But hey, her powers got an upgrade; copying princess abilities! Can't wait for more!
6/17/2020 c54 LegitIon69
So I finished the first season. There's a LOT of really good and well thought out moments, that I genuinely enjoy more than the actual show. The show had a lot of things "just happen" because they needed to happen. And I definitely get that there's a lot more room to wiggle in the written medium. But God I just loved Catra's struggle, her Hero's Journey had so much more meaning to it, than Adora's lawful good 24/7 thing. It's actually really amazing how well you just *got* the characters after only seeing season 1. I swear to God you're a time traveller who watched season 4 or 5 and came back in time to write this, because just wow, mate. Like that climax at the end of the season gave me chills.

There are some tidbits that I didn't necessarily dislike, but I feel like they're worth pointing out. There's quite a few typos. Absolutely understandable, you're writing this for fun and it's not like you have a professional editor cleaning up as you go. Sometimes I had to reread passages because the perspective shift was kind of jarring. I absolutely get it, you're very much putting a show to prose, and most of the time it works. Nothing ruins it or anything, it's a fantastic fic, one of the best I've read and you're one of the most dedicated writers I've ever seen. Like 1.456 million words I believe you're at now, including the A/Ns, but still. Wow. That's incredible.

Long story short, I love your fic. It's fantastic. You're stunning. If there's any way I could help, hype it wherever, point out some syntax, spelling, grammatical errors, anything please let me know!
6/17/2020 c130 Shiranai Atsune
Yey! Another long chapter to enjoy!~
6/17/2020 c130 Petie.doon
*squeal* Another great chapter :D The action was great, and the tension was high. Catra almost lost it there. It is somewhat interesting to see her take Angella's death more severally than Glimmer does. But all those fake memories of Catra having a loving family can do that to a person. Adora’s new powers was set up great, and I love how she still scares me. Just how powerful Adora can get when she’s using any sort of magic. I’m always just so excited to see what comes next and what it all leads to X)
6/17/2020 c130 13LockAndKey989
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