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9/27/2021 c11 JLdark
This one hurt, specially what happened to Catra and what Glimmer did, even if she didn't meant it, still hurts, will she be ever be accepted, I know she's got a big ego and she should have stopped, but not something easy to do for her.
9/26/2021 c10 JLdark
Oh Catra! Way to make the Queen trust you, sure make a joke about her dead husband!

What's going on with her, will those visions interfere with her, I'm guessing she's gonna transform back when the Horde attacks, still interesting to see what will happen.

Great intro, gives some interesting stuff too and funny, my only concern about this chapter it's Catra using shoes! Will they work or will interfere with her in the future.
9/26/2021 c1 2chrisdiokno117
Saw this on TV Tropes, loving where its going so far, keep up the great work
9/25/2021 c9 JLdark
Ohh this is so good! loves this part a lot! the way Catra transform was so amazing specially the determination she found to do it was really good and in character for what she wants.

I'm really liking the interaction she was with Glimmer, and the way she read her mom intentions too, pretty clever.

Now Shadow Weaver it's pure evil, no wonder she's gonna try everything to kill Catra, not like with Adora.
9/25/2021 c8 JLdark
So that's Shadow Weaver plan, let's see how that works on Adora.

Interesting to see the differences with Catra and Adora to rescue Swift Wind, got backfired in the end but show how clever she is to pull stuff like that, but to face the Queen can't wait to see how this end.
9/25/2021 c7 JLdark
That was such a nice way to end the chapter, faith that's what Glimmer needs and maybe just found it, in the other hand poor Catra relieving memories of her childhood and other flashbacks that doesn't make sense, no wonder she's desperate for answers.
9/24/2021 c6 JLdark
Well this was sure interesting, poor Catra really can't catch a break from troubles so far. What will Shadow Weaver will show Adora?

The intro was quite funny
9/24/2021 c5 JLdark
Such a tragic state for Catra and Adora, but interesting how this will change their relationship and how Adora see the Horde, not to mention maybe see why Catra wanted to leave.

I like that Glimmer noticed Catra's emotions after the raid, they might not get along but I do hope they do end as good friends and the horse scaring Catra was so funny!
9/24/2021 c4 JLdark
Catra really can't catch a break! I had fun reading how she enjoyed the party, but yeah changes not gonna happen in 3 hours, I wasn't expecting for her to want a kingdom! But I can see her with that kind of ambition.

Funny she had pyromaniac phase as kid!
9/23/2021 c3 JLdark
I'm kind sad that Catra does not have a better vision in the dark, since she's a cat, other than that I enjoyed this so much, can't get enough that Catra was focused the sword took her pants! that's so funny!

Well now she got her plans and as always she's cunning and will use Bow and Glimmer to her own ends, but same with Shadow Weaver using Adora this time!
9/23/2021 c2 JLdark
Perfect way to end this chapter! Love the difference Catra shows to Adora when she was in this position, in a way she has a point, no one besides Adora has worried for Catra, the way she responded to Glimmer was explosive and I liked it!
9/23/2021 c1 JLdark
I really like Catra she's my favorite and this what if? really got my attention, seems it's gonna be a good story and how she will develop as She-Ra will be interesting.
9/6/2021 c133 5strwalker
Wow, I spend the whole holiday weekend reading this! I am very impressed with this story. You’re doing a very good job of maintaining and developing the characters (tv vs. story) all while staying true to the shows story plot (with some slight twists to it). I am personally very impressed with your version of Catra because you keep many, if not all, of the characters flaws. You took the shows villain and gave her a heroic role, not to be confused with “turning the villain into a hero.” It’s not easy changing character roles without turning them into different characters, and you write them beautifully. I also really like your writing style. I am very excited to see how this show will end. Keep up the amazing work!
8/25/2021 c132 26Z-King
I really do love how you really changed things, like having Double Trouble replace Bow instead of Flutterina, I personally hope you'll eventually get back on this story, I really want to see the rest of your take on Season 4 and then season 5. I also really can't wait for when Glimmer finds out about the alternate life that Catra had with her.
8/22/2021 c126 Z-King
gotta say, I love Catra missing Glimmer and all as well as her realizing to her horror that she is going soft.
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