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7/13/2021 c133 2TheInvisibleMan33
I’ve enjoyed reading through this and I can’t wait for more My Little Fire Flower.
7/11/2021 c133 501awezome
He's not being lazy, he is currently fading in and out of existence, fighting across the known multiverse just to get back to his desktop and find a stable internet connection to post a new chapter. So please be patient with him and wait while he Battles the 5th dimensional Dragon Imp Fairy from Gargugobfloosh of Sector KHJN42069 in the Appleverse with his flaming First One's Pen Sword and Gun

Sincerely, an excited/reader
6/3/2021 c133 Callum Newman
5/30/2021 c133 13Doctor Anime Lover 2938448
Okay now that was a plot twist I was not expecting. Bow?! Captured by the Horde?! Oh I can imagine Scorpia and Emily busting him out which makes Adora more furious than before. I can’t wait for Season 5 and the Finale of Season 4. I actually love this much more than the original series.
5/30/2021 c133 11OMAC001
Epic plot twist! This almost makes up for the delay! ...Almost. Please never do that again.
5/29/2021 c133 42Rassilon001
Oooh, a REAL Flutterina... and a FAKE Bow! I like it! Interesting new combo for an exciting new story!
5/29/2021 c133 5Peyton Helix
*Lifts head* What disturbs my slumber? *Sees update* Monokub... Monokub... Now, that's a name I've not heard in a long time... A long time.

Good to see you posting again, friend. And I suppose that means it's high time I give my usual attempt at giving my thoughts on your writing, even if I am a bit late doing so.

Well, despite your assertions to the contrary, and just a couple of spelling errors, the writing is as engaging as you always are. The action is well-considered and fun to read, and the inner thoughts of the characters are always nice to see detailed so clearly for the given moment. Mind you, I still think you don't need to introduce characters into the scene by using terms like 'known as' or 'by the name of'; you can just go straight to their names, and it'll read a little more naturally.

For the conclusion to an episode I have waited for so long to see resolved, it was quite the show! Good to see Adora's still can't accept responsibility for her own problems, Catra's still snarky and quick-to-temper, Scorpia still needs a hug, and Glimmer still needs to learn some patience.

Which leads me to discussing the twist... I won't spoil it myself, but seeing you play with expectations like that, and make me realise that you're introducing a whole new element of storytelling potential to this version of the She-Ra story is just fantastic. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where it all leads.

Well done for getting this chapter out, and no matter when the next one is released, know that I will look forward to it, like all the rest before them. Until next time.
5/28/2021 c133 20Star Saber21
To Quote Martain Manhunter “You were greatly missed my friend, by all of us.”

I will never get tired of seeing Adoras teleporting mishaps and hope we see more of them.

I think my mind was blown as I read your original plot idea. Flutterina is real? You you gave such detail about what she was thinking and feeling I thought it was weird and I was confused when we cut to the the Fright Zone jail scene. But when Adora said “I always knew you’d fit in the Horde… Bow…” The shock hit me like a lightning bolt! This changes everything.

I can't to see what happens next.
5/28/2021 c133 1Racattack Force
That ending twist was perfect and took me on a rollercoaster of emotion. My growing confusion as I realized Flutterina's inner thoughts don't make any sense if she was actually Double Trouble. The sudden dread when Adora said she needed to check on the prisoner. The confirmation of my suspicions in that final scene, being a reveal that promises to send insane ripple effects for the remainder of the season. Awesome all around.

Glad to see you back and updating!
5/28/2021 c133 2Shadowmaster91
One, we missed you. Two, I loved this chapter. Three, the quality of this chapter has been as good as each previous one, which means pretty good.
5/28/2021 c133 5444teme444
I'm glad you're back and well.

I think the writers did say that Double Trouble didn't kill Flutterina. It was just a character that DT came up with. I suppose no one questioned her presence because they must have thought she was a refugee from another village or something. It's a minor thing though.

I like the twist that Flutterina is a real person and DT has switched with Bow instead. It'll be fun to open with the idea of her being an actual character. According to the writers, Flutterina is meant to be an intentional parody of a princess, which works well since she is a fake, so I'm looking forward to how you will flesh her out

That said, the idea that DT replaces Bow might have some issue. A big part of Season 4 was the falling out between the main trio, particularly Bow and Glimmer. Hopefully, you can still make that work, but if all their fighting is just going to be DT-Bow and Glimmer, it might feel a lot less genuine.

Anywho, glad you were able to update again and I look forward to reading more soon.
5/28/2021 c133 13LockAndKey989
Ok one, good to have you back. Two...NOooooo BOooowwwwww!

And he’s the one double troubles coppying and not Flutterina. Interesting twist.

Scorpia coming to her senses. And Adora, yeash...
5/28/2021 c133 2JPony01
Can't wait for the next chapter to come out in a few months, lol.
5/28/2021 c133 1TheRailwayGeneral
Oh My Gosh! What a twist!

Welcome back.
5/28/2021 c133 Sargent Angle
Ok, there is is only one way to describe the year long wait...


Seriously mate you can turn five minutes of one episode into 10k words average the fact that you managed to double it was more than worth it and the twist just scrambled my brain.

Glad to have you back :)
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