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for My Flesh and Blood

11/9/2020 c1 2k+Hawki
Similarly, can't comment on context. Flows well enough though. Dialogue keeps things flowing.
4/7/2019 c1 23Danny Barefoot
An emotionally charged scene. Corazon is doing such a dangerous thing for her son, if her enemies discover it, that he must feel unable to repay her, and there's a strong elements of separation already, but surprisingly not rejection. You can see they care for each other despite the situation. Reminiscent of the historical Spartan emphasis on their elite soldiers over all other sectors of society.
2/18/2019 c1 10Anla'shok
Ah, the paradox of exalting a caste above all else but being smart enough to realize it's counterproductive to make a good society work. I kind of love lucid-but-still extreme characters.

I guess the solution would be to conquer a civ with the right work ethic to boost production and non military research (idk, cybernetics? Although they might not bring much warmth to the creche), subtly encourage them to keep their cultural specificities. It's easier to tolerate differences when people are 'other' and not encroaching, I guess.

Otherwise Victor is almost too well adjusted for a kid with such a distant mother, lol. But perhaps it's normal among Spartans so he doesn't feel like he's missing out on anything. It'd be funny if Santiago wasn't the only one to do so, like if say 20% of kids were said to die honorably when instead they were reaffected to other jobs (with a system of job rotation that makes seeing new faces normal to everyone, or something), and none of those with new identities realized they were hardly unique. That way you'd get the positions filled without needing to change the narrative.

Anyway, it's always nice to see the factions' insanity pushed. Now I want Deirdre's daughter to be allergic to fungus spores and to elope with a Morganite envoy because she wants a real hot shower and good farm-grown instead of that planet-friendly recycled tosh and whatever grows in those mutant forests.

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